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WARLOCK-50-C [Black] | BOOTS [PREORDER] Dark Thorns | CORSET Vengeful [Black] | CORSET Glamorous Queen | PARTY DRESS Angel Wing | DOLL DRESS Deadly Wine | FRILL DRESS Victoria [Red] | RUFFLE DRESS Lost Girl Lace | DRESS Phenomena Lace [Black] | MAXI DRESS Phenomena Lace [Scarlet] | MAXI DRESS Mizuki | NAIL POLISH Cthulhu | NAIL POLISH Abyss | NAIL POLISH Stella Angel | NAIL POLISH* Aragonite | NAIL POLISH Wisteria | NAIL POLISH* Magick Blast | NAIL POLISH Moonshine | NAIL POLISH Citrine Fire | NAIL POLISH Apple Aura | NAIL POLISH* Night Court | COAT Turmoil | BUTTON-UP SHIRT* Chlorine | BUTTON-UP SHIRT Void | PANTS* Dark Ventures | TIE Pull The Cord | BUTTON-UP SHIRT* Strike A Cord [Black Corduroy] | PANTS* Red Wine Diamond | VELVET BOLERO WARLOCK-55 [Black Patent] | BOOTS [PREORDER] WARLOCK-110-B [Black] | BOOTS [PREORDER] WARLOCK-50-B [Black] | BOOTS [PREORDER] WARLOCK-55 [Black] | BOOTS [PREORDER] Mortala | MESH DRESS Daze [Ash Tartan] | BUTTON-UP SHIRT* Deltora | DRESS [PLUS SIZE] Amora | VELVET DRESS Dead Man's | VEST Celestial Dragon | VELVET DRESS Madam Shyarly | LAYERED DRESS Viola | LACE SHAWL Diabolical | FACE MASK Soda Pop | NAIL POLISH Yandere | NAIL POLISH Glitter Bomb | NAIL POLISH Labyrinth | NAIL POLISH Hiyori | VEIL MASK Alexei | SHIRT* Killing Kisses [Ivory] | LACE MAIDEN DRESS Killing Kisses [Emerald] | LACE MAIDEN DRESS Bram | WAISTCOAT Masters | BUTTON-UP SHIRT* Belladonna | MINI DRESS Infinity | 50's DRESS Infinity | 50's SKIRT Laced With Cyanide | SORCERY DRESS Behind Da'mask | PENCIL DRESS Carrie Caustic | LACE PANEL VEST Lace Collar | KNIT DRESS Red Wine Diamond | VELVET TOP Daily Doll | DRESS
Gorgeous dresses for formals, fancy events or just when you want to dress up nice.