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Coagulated Blood | GEL [30g] Barrier | SETTING SPRAY [60ml] Clown White | FOUNDATION [65g] White | CREAMBLEND STICK White | PROPENCIL SLIM Mehron | MIXING LIQUID [133ml] Black | CREAMBLEND STICK Clown White Lite | FOUNDATION [56g] Blood Splatter | SPRAY BOTTLE [30ml] Alabaster | CREAMBLEND STICK Really Bright Red | PROPENCIL SLIM AdGem Adhesive & Rhinestone | SET Barrier | SETTING SPRAY [30ml] Mehron | BRUSH CLEANER [133ml] Clown White | FOUNDATION [200g] Clear | LIQUID LATEX [133ml] Clear | LIQUID LATEX [30ml] Face Smoothie | SPONGE Bright Arterial | SQUIRT BLOOD [60ml] Coagulated Blood | GEL [14g] Jet Black 1927 | LIQUID VINYL MAKEUP SET Colorset | SETTING POWDER [60g] Stipple Sponge | APPLICATOR [3 PACK] Silver | METALLIC POWDER Clown White Lite | FOUNDATION [200g] Mehron | POWDER PUFF Non-Latex Triangular | FOAM WEDGE [6 PACK] Paradise Makeup AQ [White] | FACE & BODY PAINT Dark Venous | SQUIRT BLOOD [15ml] Black Celebre Pro-HD | CREAM FOUNDATION Bared | MAKEUP REMOVER AND CLEANSER [120ml] Black | E.Y.E LINER PENCIL Colorset | SETTING POWDER [15g] White Celebre Pro-HD | CREAM FOUNDATION Mehron Edge [Red] | FACE & BODY MAKEUP Red | CREAMBLEND STICK Purple | CREAMBLEND STICK Paradise Makeup AQ [Red] | FACE & BODY PAINT Primed | EYE PRIMER Light 1 Celebre Pro-HD | CREAM FOUNDATION Green | CREAMBLEND STICK Fantasy FX [Black] | MAKEUP Paradise Makeup AQ [Basic] | FACE PAINT PALETTE Black | BRAZEN MASCARA Mehron Edge [Black] | FACE & BODY MAKEUP Pink | CREAMBLEND STICK Paradise Makeup AQ [Lagoon Blue] | FACE & BODY PAINT Paradise Makeup AQ [Tropical] | FACE PAINT PALETTE Mehron Edge [White] | FACE & BODY MAKEUP Fantasy FX [Kelly Green] | MAKEUP iNtense [Wind] | PRO PALETTE Fantasy FX [Zombie Flesh] | MAKEUP Fantasy FX [Blue] | MAKEUP Fantasy FX [Orange] | MAKEUP*

Mehron - Professional beauty and performance makeup.

Mehron Makeup is a world leader in high-quality professional makeup products. They have been around the block for nearly 100 years!  When it comes to meeting the exacting standards and vast colour needs of professional artists, Mehron Makeup is the undisputed industry leader.

Proudly made in the USA with the highest quality ingredients, Mehron Makeup represents an artisanal approach to creating high-impact, versatile cosmetics. Mehron's beauty products can be found in the makeup kits of artists at fashion shows, photoshoots, theatrical productions, movies, and most importantly, in real life on real women, men and non-binary folk alike.

Mehron's customers and fans are many and varied. From Hollywood to Broadway, and around the world, Mehron's exquisitely fine line of makeup products is used in many of the most visually dramatic productions, including Black Swan, Cirque de Soliel, Phantom of the Opera, Shrek the Musical, The Lion King, New York City Ballet, and hundreds of TV and Movie productions. Mehron has been in the professional makeup industry for almost a century, starting out small in 1927. They quickly gained traction and after only a few years were responsible for making up and beautifying some major celebrities of the day, such as Judy Garland, Elizabeth Taylor, and Lucille Ball. In the modern era, celebrities such as P!nk and the Black-eyed Peas are known to utilise Mehron's products to create spectacular theatrical looks.

Recently, Mehron made a splash when it was revealed that Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian had dabbled with their products, and loved them! And so do we! Clearly, Mehron has cemented its place in the cosmetics industry. Their products are not only high-grade but also high value. This makes their makeup suitable for any occasion, not just for performers. They are foremost experts when it comes to base full coverage foundations, and with the perfect foundation, an empire can be built! Through to the end game of contours, highlighters, eyes, brows, and finishing, Mehron Makeup has you covered.

With Beserks range of Mehrons beauty products, you'll have everything you need so come check out our amazing collections today!