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Edward Scissorhands was brought to us in 1990 by Tim Burton. This movie follows an elderly lady telling her young granddaughter the story of a young man named Edward, who had scissors for hands. Edward, being the creation of an old inventor, in an artificial humanoid who only needed hands for him to be complete. Unfortunately, his inventor passed away due to a heart attack before he could finish Edward, thus leaving his forever unfinished. When Peg Bogs decides to go into the dilapidated mansion to sell Avon, she finds Edward and offers to bring him home to her family, where he is introduced to everyone and gives of a meek, anxious demeanour that never fully fades. Becoming friendly with the townspeople he creates relationships with nearly everyone despite his inability to truly communicate and falls in love with Kim, Pegs daughter. Edward tries, but fails to win over everyone in the town and is forced out by the townsfolk after accidentally injuring people with his Scissorhands. Edward eventually secludes himself again, deciding to spend his life remaining in the mansion. The old lady telling the story reveals that she is Kim, and she prefers not to visit him because decades have passed and she wants him to remember her as she was in her youth. She believes Edward is still alive, immortal because he is artificial, and because of the "snow", which Edward creates when carving ice sculptures.

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