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Beserk has a massive range of pants for every occasion. You could be going out to the club, to a party, dressing up as your favourite character for Halloween. We have a huge range of brands including but not limited to Killstar, Sourpuss, Kreepsville 666, Blackcraft, Banned Apparel, Poizen Industries, Hell Bunny, Punk Rave, Rogue And Wolf, Jawbreaker, Disturbia, Restyle, Too Fast Apparel, Necessary Evil, Antibrand, Music Legs and more!

With heaps of options for you to choose from, we have so many different styles for all of our alternative families. With shorts, short shorts, booty shorts and hot pants, all of your summer options are here ladies and gentlemen. For our more conservative people, we have leggings, flare leggings, jeans, skinny jeans, joggers, trousers, pants, board shorts, swimmers, bell bottoms, overalls and even jumpsuits! We don't miss a beat, with a tonne of styles and colours you won't miss out!

We have different colours for different moods and occasions with multiple to choose from including black on black, red, orange, blue, green, purple and pink! We cater to all sorts of styles and aesthetics with tartan, lace-up, buckle up, frilled, leopard prints, striped, constellations, ornate designs and even newspaper designs in all different materials and finishes including velvet, lace, spandex, nylon, Lycra, viscose, rayon, cotton, polyester and elastane. With a range of decorative statement pieces including roses, moons and stars, snakes, skulls and bones, spooky ghosts, Sphinx, pentagrams, pumpkins, spider webs, cats and even Pop Culture references with Marilyn Manson making an appearance!

Here at Beserk, we take freedom of expression to a whole new level with our open-minded nature. We have sourced the most fashionable, alternative and quality clothing for people of all aesthetics including our Goths, Lolitas, Kawaii, Rockabilly, Pastel Goths and Steampunks! Don't hold yourself back anymore, take a step into the magical world that is Beserk today, and open your heart to all of the things you truly desire. With no expectations, we strive to provide you with the options you're craving. So come check out our options today!