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Beserk stocks a range of products for you to become the artistic creative you know you are. Sprout your inner make-up artist with our range of brands, formulas and colours. With Beserk, we are dedicated to bringing you fresh, unique and affordable products that will serve you with the best quality. With our extensive range of brands including but not limited to Lime Crime, Mermaid Salon, Stargazer, Sugarpill, Mehron Makeup, Black Rose Cosmetics, Lunatick Cosmetics and more!

Find a huge range of formulas, we stock different eye shadows including pressed eye shadows from Black Rose Cosmetics, loose eye shadows from Sugarpill, eye dust from Medusas Makeup and more! With different finishes such as shimmery, metallic, matte and creamy pigments you won't need to shop anywhere else! We have everything for your eyes, from shadows that brighten your eyes, to fake eyelashes to make them pop! There are shadows of all shades as well as eyeliners and liquid eyeliners for that finishing touch. Beserk also stocks mascaras, glitters, highlighters, brow pencils and makeup brushes!

We have a MASSIVE range of colours, going from white to black. Want want you to experience that freedom of choice. We stock pastels, pinks, blues, yellows, oranges, greens, purples, reds, white and black. We have Mary Jane, Volcano and Purple Rain from Medusas makeup. We also stock Magpie, Lumi, Stella, Asylum and Goldilux from Sugarpill and more! With a range of palettes and single colours to choose from, the world of makeup is at your disposal.

We are ready to go on an adventure of a lifetime, giving you, our people, the products you need to stay true to yourself. Beserk represents creativity, individuality and freedom of expression and with no barriers, we celebrate you. Change up your look, bring your Halloween makeup to life, or just explore your limits with our favourite makeup brands!