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The cutest range of alternative kids and babies clothes for your hip little punk rocker.

Forget your normal baby attire. Forget the solid pastels of pink for a girl and blue for a boy. Boys and girls, whatever age, should be able to wear what they want! And if your children are anything like you, then they don't give a tinker's cuss about what is "normal"; they care about alternative fashion! The time has come for your little treasure to really represent like mum and dad. So stop your grinnin' and drop your linen, and get up your bundle of joy in Beserk's alternative kids and baby clothing!

We've got you covered with brands, with the likes of Six Bunnies, Sourpuss, Sock It To Me, and Harebrained! We have onesies, baby sets (onesie, bib, hat), hooded rompers, cute socks, pyjamas, bibs, t-shirts, and more! And the styles are as colourful as they are varied: themes of punk, goth rocker metalhead, rockabilly, kawaii and other adorable styles, right through from newborn (zero months) all the way to 18 months (and by that stage, they are probably ready to upgrade to be even more like mum and dad!).

Picture it now, you sitting there with your partner. They may be your husband or your wife, or a surrogate mother, or a long time friend that you've decided to have a kid with. Whatever your situation, you have a kid (we don't care how or why, but we are super happy for you!). You are decked out in typical goth attire: black Killstar top with a chain harness, pleated red tartan mini skirt with statement chain hardware from Banned Apparel, buckled black Demonia boots for stomping the festival circuit, an Unholy choker, and pierced lips. You may also be covered in tattoos. Beserk would never judge your parenting ability based on your fashion choices! So you look at your bub and you think maybe your baby should look a bit more like you do. 

Beserk to the rescue!