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Once upon a time there were six bunnies that were not like the rest of the little bunnies. These six bunnies really liked tattoos, skulls, horror movies, and loud heavy metal music. And these six bunnies rocked out happily ever after!

Six Bunnies is a fantastic alternative brand for babies and kids clothing. They offer excellent quality and are great if you are looking for that something a little edgy and different. Dress your little one in cute & crazy designs from Six Bunnies, inspired by zombies, unicorns, tattoos, skulls & scary animals.

Six Bunnies has all your kids and babies clothing covered! Super cute onesies, clothing & bibs for little ones! Conjured from an investment in the children's comfort, the undead, traditional tattoos, skeletons in your closet, happy unicorns, heavy metal, breakdowns and blast beats, and cute animals.

Beserk knows that these ingredients don't seem to go together (babies and death metal?), but that is exactly what Six Bunnies and Beserk are all about - controversy, contrariness, rebellion, counter-culture, and subversion of the accepted norm. They supply baby apparel for mums and dads and grandparents (well not for mums to wear themselves of course), including the Aloha Sailor Bib, Pink Rainbows Bib, Rainbows Romper, Sugar Skulls Romper Set, Candy Unirock Varsity Jacket, Dad's Tattoos Tee, Mom's Tattoo Tee, Pastel Unicorns Hooded Baby Blanket, Rockabilly Rebel Hooded Baby Blanket, My Grandma Rocks Onesie, Little Rocker Onesie, Unicorn Party Long Sleeved Dress, Born To Rock Backpack, Six Bunnies Whole Lotta Love Leggings, Rock n' Roll Gift Sets, and more.

You love your children, so treat them to the life they are awaiting - prepare them for a future of rockabilly, punk life, rock music, punk clothing, tattoo culture, alternative streetwear, and fill them with an alternative attitude and a closet that matches the aesthetic!