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One of the first things some people notice when they meet you is your hands. Nail care and nail art have become such a big deal that there are now YouTube pages dedicated to showing off the amazing and talented art that can be produced by everyday people. As well as tutorials, informational videos and educational videos surrounding nail art and the technical application to achieve certain looks and styles.

Here at Beserk, as you all already know, we celebrate your creativity and your passion for being yourself. With nothing to hold you back, we present you with a beautiful range of colours and finishes from Starrily, with their amazing lacquers, you'll never want to use another brand. Their beautiful holographic colours in all ranges are to die for, with pinks, blues, purples, reds, silvers, golds, blacks, clear glosses and of course black! With glitters, holographic and foil glitters, you'll have all the sparkle you could ever need. Just look at it shimmering!

We also stock a range of image plates from Moyou, featuring all sorts of designs with Alice in Wonderland image plates giving you chess boards, playing cards and characters such as Alice, Mad Hatter and White Rabbit! We have animal prints, cats, spiders, webs, bats, ghosts, zombies, ghouls, witches, skulls, crosses, clocks, coffins, owls, lace patterns and ornate prints! Woo! That's a big mouthful. So, you get the idea. Oh, there's more! Japanese traditional art, leaves, crowns, and even just regular patterns to get you started!

We stock a range of nail products for you, with image plates, stampers, nail polishes, base coats, glosses and even a Nail Chroming Kit by Stargazer that gives you a beautiful gold or silver chrome shine on top of your nails. There are so many different options to choose from for your next nail art adventure. No matter what the occasion is, you'll always want to shimmer, so come shimmer with us at Beserk!