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Black Rose Cosmetics was founded in early 2017 by small town, free spirit, Victoria Campbell. It is the embodiment of who she was, who she has become and who she hopes to be. Created for all the other free spirits in the world that never felt there was a place for them. To inspire difference and embrace imperfection. To create art through madness.

Victoria's hopes and dreams are merely to help people find their truest selves and express that every day through their makeup. After all, you only have one face! And it's your face that other people see. Makeup has always been the one thing in the world that Victoria could express herself through and hopes to inspire that same creative drive in others. “Beauty is itself so unattainable that it escapes altogether; and the true artist, like the true Mystic, can never rest” - Aleister Crowley.

Beserk stocks Black Rose Cosmetics items, including: (all matte lipsticks) Agares, Azazel, Beelzebub, Lilith, Nemesis, and the Succubus. Proudly vegan and 100% cruelty free! Black Rose Cosmetics are a brand that is strongly against vivisection (animal testing) - this is integral to their ethos - they will always make a stand against animal cruelty and aim to change the cosmetics industry in as big or as little a way as possible in order to work towards a brighter, happier future and a cruelty free world.

The Black Rose Cosmetics matte lipsticks are offered in a versatile range of colours and hues, and each one will be the perfect addition to your makeup collection, whether extensively growing or just starting out in the makeup world. They are ultra high quality liquid lipsticks with a stunning finish to complete your gorgeous look and appeal. They are superb for special events or for wearing on the daily - either way, you will be ready to slay!