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Beserk stocks a range of products for you to become the artistic creative you know you are. Sprout your inner make up artist with our ranges of brands, formulas and colours. With Beserk, we are dedicated to bringing you fresh, unique and affordable products that will serve you with the best quality. With our extensive ranges of brands including but not limited to Lime Crime, Sugarpill, Necromancy Cosmetica, Rebels Refinery, Black Rose Cosmetics, Medusas Makeup, Mermaid Salon, Manic Panic, Stargazer, Accoutrements and more!

Find a huge range of formulas, we stock different lipstick including liquid cream lipsticks from Lime Crime, matte lipsticks from Necromancy Cosmetica, Liquid Velvet Lipsticks from Mermaid Salon and more! With different finishes such as shimmering, shiny, matte, metallic, holographic and more you don't need to shop anywhere else. We have everything for your lips, from lip balms that moisturise and soften your lips, to lipstick display cases. There are lip liners of all shades, as well as lip glosses that sparkle like nothing else in this world. Beserk stocks lip plushies, lip sparkles and more!

We have a collection of hair accessories for going colour crazy! We include hair dye tint brush sets (7 piece sets!), tint bowl sets (7 bowls too!), hair colouring sets (Tint bowl, gloves and a tint brush!), colour applicators and comb/brush colour applicators too! Go crazy and get colouring with all of our hair dying accessories and tools. There's nothing stopping you from going rainbow now!

We also stock a range of makeup tools for those beauty buffs! With makeup brush sets (powder brush, blush brush, pencil brush, lip brush, fan brush, angled brow brush and a shadow blender brush!(, make up sponges, mascara brushes, concealer brushes, eye shadow brushes, lip brushes, brush cleaners and even makeup bags! Store all your new brushes in your new make up bag from Beserk!

We have palettes for almost everything, from eye shadows, highlights and contours to blush, cream correcting palettes and blend sets for stage makeup! With a range of different finishes, we want you to explore yourself, and create amazing looks you never thought you could achieve. Having access to beautiful shimmering golds, gorgeous matte blacks, stunning metallic purples, and high pigment neon colours will broaden your horizons! With every colour of the rainbow, you won't be restricted anymore. With yellows, oranges, reds, pinks, purples, blues, greens, browns, blacks and white!

Find a huge range of formulas, we stock different eye shadows including pressed eye shadows from Black Rose Cosmetics, loose eye shadows from Sugarpill, eye dust from Medusas Makeup and more! With different finishes such as shimmery, metallic, matte and creamy pigments you won't need to shop anywhere else! We have everything for your eyes, from shadows that brighten your eyes, to fake eyelashes to make them pop! There are shadows of all shades as well as eye liners and liquid eyeliners for that finishing touch. Beserk also stocks mascaras, glitters, highlighters, brow pencils and makeup brushes!

Here at Beserk, we love makeup, we love creativity and we're passionate about providing you with the options you desire. With the freedom you've always craved comes a huge range of products, from blue foundations for smurfing it up to face jewels for that ethereal fairy look. Presenting a wide range of makeup products for you to choose from including paint sticks, highlighters, blushes, contours, eye shadows in cream and powders, palettes, foundations, setting sprays, primers, barrier sprays, metallic powders, rhinestones and more!

With Beserk we provide you with a huge range of skin care, even stocking Tattoo Aftercare packs that include tattoo balms, washes and even sunscreen! For every day use, we also stock heaps of different shower and bath products to help you stay smelling nice and feeling nice. With body butters, shower gels, scrubs, body washes, soaps, bath bombs, bath crushes, bath dust, bubble bath and more! With such a huge collection comes a range of different fragrances, with seriously nostalgic smells like Hubba Bubba, and classic fragrances such as Nag Champa, known for it's popularity all over the world.