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Starrily is a designer nail polish brand that started out in New York City. Their goal is to bring fun and lively nail lacquers into the nail industry. They have a strict cruelty-free policy and are dedicated to providing the absolute best products and services for you. Their products and their ingredients are never tested on animals. With so many style ranges to choose from, including Glitter, Holographic, Magnetic, Multichrome, and Shimmer collections. Starrily nail lacquers are 5-free, which means they do not contain the dangerous chemicals Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Toluene, Formaldehyde Resin and Camphor.

You will find Starrily nail polishes to be intensely pigmented, easy to use formulas, gorgeously iridescent, multi-chromed, micro-flakey, and become fully opaque within just a couple of coats. Their Magnetic range is just so cool! Apply the product and then apply the magnetic tool to your nails before it dries. The magnet will interact with the metallic flakes in the lacquer and become attracted to it! You can create all sorts of awesome swirly shimmery glittery goodness with unique patterns and designs that are truly your own.

We have a huge range of Starrily nail lacquers with colours like Vantablack, Ultima, Stargazer, Sea Glass, Saros, Oxytocin, Nova, Neutrino, Magma, Magic Rainbow, Intergalactic, Galaxy Gang, Eclipse, Dopamine, Diamond Rain, Cat Mom, Andromeda, Guardian, Antimatter, Vasopressin, Skyline, Patronus, Matter, King Midas, Aphrodite, Alchemy, Secret, Serotonin, Rose Petals, Quantum Energy, Orion's Belt, Nova Beam, Norepinephrine, Moonlight, La Vie En Rose, Everest, Dark Energy, Citrine, Cat Eyes, Blue Rose, Black Diamond, Bioluminescence. With every colour you can think of, you'll shine as bright as the sun!

Bring Beserk along with you when you get crazy with your nail art. With Starrily, Beserk gives you a massive range of amazing nail polishes for you to choose from. With black for our Goths, pink for our Kawaais and Nudes for our Classics! Get creative today and show us what you've got!