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Virgin Pink | HAIR COLOUR [236ml]


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Original Deluxe [SMALL] | CUSTOM FANGS


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Juniper Green | HAIR DYE


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Aquamarine | HAIR COLOUR [236ml]


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Wrath | HAIR COLOUR [236ml]


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Purple AF | HAIR COLOUR [118ml]


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Lingerie is a must-have for any adventurous bedroom wardrobe. Lingerie is a category of women's clothing including undergarments, sleepwear and lightweight robes. The undergarments mainly include bras, bralettes, lace panties, garters and harnesses (although many more specific lingerie item pieces have developed their own titles). The specific choice of the word "lingerie" is often motivated by an intention to imply the garments are alluring, fashionable, sexy, sultry, arousing, erotic, or all of the above! The word lingerie is taken directly from the French word for appealing ladies' undergarments.

Beserk stocks an appealing range of lingerie items. Lingerie, underwear, stockings, retro lingerie, shapewear, suspender belts, seamed stockings, hosiery, stockings, knickers and panties, sexy outfits, corset style lace-up pieces, bodysuits, and more. 

We have all sizes and colours of whatever lingerie you need. Is it for yourself or for someone else? We offer fishnet with back seam white pantyhose, floral lace footless tights, black floral vine netting tights, industrial net footless thigh highs, sheer stockings with black lace garter belt and garter panty, striped royal pantyhose which double as super adorable leggings, Cuban heel back seam thigh highs, mermaid scale opaque tights, tattered tights with open toes and distress detailing. Seriously, Beserk has got lingerie covered. Imagine getting the best gift ever (for straight men, it should be your girlfriend or wife) and that gift is wrapped in the best wrapping ever (sexy lingerie). The primal instincts kick in. You know it's going to be a hot night! Why not come and browse our collection?

Make a powerful, unmistakable statement with gorgeous Gothic lingerie from Beserk. Whether you wear lingerie all the time or you want to try something new, sexy goth lingerie is the way to go.

Exhilarating Lace Gothic Lingerie

Every good underwear and lingerie collection features lacy looks that leave little to the imagination. If you're wearing lacy goth lingerie for your partner, the ornate, see-through fabric gives a sneak peek of what lies beneath. It's always great to start with beautiful black basics to build up your collection, as this colour is a bold and dramatic choice that flatters every shape. Then add in red, the colour of passion and love, to take your style to new heights.

Playful Plaid Outfits

You deserve to look and feel like the rockin' goddess you are in Gothic lingerie with plaid designs. A tiny little plaid skirt with matching socks puts your playfulness on display and gives you the reaction and results you crave. If you're looking for a fun and flirty outfit that focuses on your best features, plaid is an amazing way to elevate your style. Thigh-high tights also hit the mark and make you look truly irresistible for your significant other.

Eye-catching Bodysuits

Challenge yourself and step outside your comfort zone with the perfect punk lingerie to suit your body type. Everything from sexy, sheer getups to barely-there fishnet bodysuits put cool Gothic and punk lingerie products at the top of your must-have list. You can show off plenty of skin while still maintaining an air of mystery and intrigue with a fabulous, feisty outfit for behind closed doors. Give an enticing peek at what's underneath with a brilliant bodysuit complete with cut-outs and tantalising textured designs.

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