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Everyone loves to relax after a hard day of work or running around after the little tykes. Some people like to have a glass of wine, some people like to binge watch tv, and some people like to relax in the bath with a good book or some music or just scrolling through the latest memes on Facebook or Reddit.

With Beserk, we take relaxation, happiness and comfort seriously. We want you to feel as vibrant and content as possible. So we've brought you some amazing bath products to help you curb some nerves. We stock bath bombs, bath crushes, bath dusts and bubble baths for you to choose from. With a massive range of fragrances for you to choose from including beautiful vanilla and raspberry bath bombs to Lamington inspired bubble baths! *Heart eyes*

We have found some of the most amazing bath bombs, soaps and gels with unique and unusual smells including our "Unicorn Farts" bath bombs, which we also stock in shower gel too! With all the different fragrances comes some awesome looking colours and reactions, with simple blues, pinks and purple to multicoloured metallic bath bombs! And of course black! We can't be an alternative store if we don't have black bubbles baths! Don't pick one too quickly, cause there will be plenty more you'll want!

From amazing brands such as Ink Blot Bombs, Wick'Ety Wack, Beserk and more!

Don't miss out on these as they'll go fast! With a huge collection to choose from, people will wonder why you're always gifting bubble baths! It's an addiction, once you have the first taste of the simplicity and relaxation that is watching a bubble bath explode in your bath into beautiful and unique colours and clouds, you won't ever want to shower normally again. Talk about visual ASMR!