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Wick'ety Wack started with 8 treacherous months of trial and error after continuously being disappointed buying candles at high prices with a lack of aroma and deciding to embark on a journey to fulfil their ability to create the ambience they so desperately craved. Through their attempts to achieve the best scent throwing candles, they eventually created a soy candle that could fill a whole house with the desired aromas they'd been searching for. Once combined with their creative colouring techniques, Wick'ety Wack was born.

Wick'ety Wack's candles are all handmade in Sydney, Australia with their creamy blend of highly scented soy wax and wicked with 100% pure cotton wicks and designed using their special tye-dye technique. With the best quality for scent, Wick'ety Wack has risen to fame with its amazing choices and blends, from candles with fruity blends of Pineapple, Cranberry, Peach, Banana, Coconut and Jasmine to natural earthy blends with green grass, sensual floral scents and green leaf fused with herbal citrus notes of lemon, pine and eucalyptus!

We stock a range of products from Wick'ety Wack including candles, bath bombs, car diffusers, melt blocks, shower gels and more! With a range of flavours and scents to choose from including Wild Raspberry Donut, Australian Bush, Vanilla Ice Cream and Bubblegum! Use their products for all sorts of occasions. Had a hard day at work? Put on a beautifully scented candle of your choice, while you relax in the bath with a luxurious bath bomb courtesy of Wick'ety Wack. Or maybe it's Valentine's day and you want to spoil your significant other with a bottle of wine, candles, roses... Well, we've got the candles just for you!

Join us here at Beserk while we celebrate individuality and creative living with Wick'ety Wack's amazing range of highly scented bath bombs and candles alike!