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DAMNED-318 [Black Hologram] | PLATFORM BOOTS [IN STOCK]* DEMON-18 [Black Velvet] | HEELS [IN STOCK]* CREEPER-602S [Black] | CREEPERS [IN STOCK - US 08]* CAMEL-203 [Green Multi Reflective] | PLATFORM BOOTS [FAULTY]* GRAVEDIGGER-255 [Black] | PLATFORM BOOTS [IN STOCK]* Damson-14 [Black] | SNEAKERS* Colima-04 | PLATFORM HEELS* Morelia-02 | BOOTS* San Jose-01 [Black] | BOOTS* San Jose-01 [Blue] | BOOTS* Ice-02 [Black Hologram] | PLATFORM BOOTS* Ice-02 [Lilac] | PLATFORM BOOTS* DAMNED-225 [Pink Pat] | PLATFORM BOOTS [IN STOCK]* Trippy Daze | FLATS* SHAKER-52 [Pink] | PLATFORM BOOTS [IN STOCK]* Fall Out | COMBAT BOOTS* Bloom | FLATS* Twin Lolita 2 | MID HEELS* Pirate | MID HEELS* SHAKER-374 [B. Pink Hologram] | PLATFORM BOOTS [IN STOCK]* SWING-815 [Purple Pat] | PLATFORM BOOTS [IN STOCK]* DAMNED-225 [White] | PLATFORM BOOTS [IN STOCK]* Qualcan [Pink] | PLATFORM BOOTS [NO SHOE BOX]* Qozmo Care Bears Cosmic [White/Pink] | PLATFORM BOOTS* The Craft Pattern | CREW SOCKS In Her Elements | BOOTS* Zest [Black] | PLATFORM BOOTS* MTF [Pink] | PLATFORM BOOTS* Orange Cookie [Black] | PLATFORM BOOTS* Orange Cookie [Pink] | PLATFORM BOOTS* CV Chem [Pink PU] | PLATFORM BOOTS* Binske [Black] | PLATFORM BOOTS* Indo [Pink] | PLATFORM BOOTS* Qualcan [Black] | PLATFORM BOOTS* Qualcan [Pink] | PLATFORM BOOTS* Qualcan [Red] | PLATFORM BOOTS* Gloom | BUCKLE BOOTS* VOID-37 [Baby Pink] | PLATFORMS [IN STOCK]* SWING-150 [Black] | PLATFORM BOOTS [IN STOCK]* CAMEL-305 [Baby Pink] | PLATFORM BOOTS [IN STOCK]* WARLOCK-50-B [Black] | BOOTS [IN STOCK]* ASHES-120 [B.Pink-Lavender Holographic] | PLATFORM HEELS [IN STOCK]* Winter Wonderland | MID HEELS* Daemon Mind | HEELS* Carambola-02 [Multi] | PLATFORM SNEAKERS* Carambola-02 [Lilac] | PLATFORM SNEAKERS* Carambola-03 [Blue] | PLATFORM SNEAKERS* Carambola-03 [Red] | PLATFORM SNEAKERS* Watermelon-02 [Multi] | PLATFORM SNEAKERS* Watermelon-02 [Pewter Metallic] | PLATFORM SNEAKERS* Mulberry-01 [Black] | PLATFORM SANDALS* Disaster | BOOTS* Wretched Soul [Black/Orange] | DISTRESS SOCKS* BONDGIRL-709 | BLACK PAT [IN STOCK -US 05] VOID-118 [Black] | PLATFORM BOOTS [IN STOCK]* VOID-118 [Green Multi Reflective] | PLATFORM BOOTS [IN STOCK]* ASHES-120 [Black] | PLATFORM BOOTS [IN STOCK]* KERA-130 [Black] | PLATFORM BOOTS [IN STOCK]* KERA-130 [White] | PLATFORM BOOTS [IN STOCK]* WAVE-09 [Black] | PLATFORMS [IN STOCK]*
Beserk stocks a wide range of shoes for all occasions. We've got boots for our Gothic friends, adorable flats for our kawaii friends, stilettos for our sexy friends and sneakers for our alternative friends. With our amazing customers on our minds, we've found some of the leading brands in shoes to bring you the highest quality, long-lasting footwear for any style. This collection is for our shoes on sale
We stock a massive range of brands including Pleaser, Demonia, Hot Chocolate, Killstar, Bordello Shoes, Funtasma, Devious Shoes, Pinup Couture and more! With these brands come notable and high-quality products. With Demonia shoes being a much-loved shoe supplier for all of our alternative friends! Hot Chocolate brings us adorable flats with awesome prints that will bring out the Kawaii in anyone! Pleaser brings us some amazing stilettos and boots for you to get absolutely freaky in!

With shoes for any occasion, whether you're having a picnic, going on a date, dressing up for a party, having a ball, going out for Halloween, dressing as your favourite anime character, moshing in the pit, lounging around the house, playing in a show, dancing, walking, running, sitting, laying down. Whatever you're doing we have footwear for you! With amazing prints, awesome styles, unique designs and more, you will find everything you need and MORE!

Beserk is a big supporter of everyone, no matter what race, sex, gender or colour you are, we love you more than anything. Even our flying spaghetti monsters! We've got shoes that glow in the dark, shoes that have chains and accessories, shoes that are simple and striking. With Beserk on your side, giving you all of the options you desire, you won't need to find anywhere else to shop! We are your one-stop alternative shop and we have everything you could ever want!