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HALLOWEEN 2020 COLOURING COMPETITION! Posted on 27 Sep 15:00 , 3 comments

It's our favourite time of the year!  And what better way to celebrate Halloween month than with another one of our colouring competitions.

We love seeing how creative the entries are, and with $350 worth of vouchers up for grabs, go all out and show us what you've got!

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Haunted Down Under Posted on 22 Sep 16:51 , 0 comments

Haunted Down Under is a series brought out on Amazon Prime and Prime Video that follows a group of women, Hailey, Celine, Nadine & Caitlin, who investigate the most haunted places in Australia, trying to make contact with the dead while sharing their paranormal experiences with us. Beserk has come together with Haunted Down Under to do an exclusive photoshoot with some dresses from Beserk brands Killstar & Restyle! As well as an interview where we find out a little bit more about Haunted and ask them a little bit about their work, what the love about the job and why they do it!

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6%DOKIDOKI! Posted on 17 Sep 12:24 , 0 comments

Introducing 6%DOKIDOKI to Beserk! 
6%DOKIDOKI is a brand opened in Harajuku by Sebastian Masuda in 1995 as a place of expression. The shop concept "sensational cute" means "shocking cute", "over-the-top cute", and "too cute things", and they offer original products, selections, and plans in line with this concept. 

We have so many awesome Kawaii products for you to browse! These cute designs are so unique, you won't find them anywhere else! 
Come discover girl-culture from the center of Harajuku that will stir your imagination and make your heart beat for 6%DOKIDOKI! 

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Magic Markings - FACE STICKERS Posted on 14 Sep 15:21 , 0 comments

Magic Markings is one of the newest brands here at Beserk. 

Magic Markings was originally created by the stunning model Shelly D'Inferno and since the creation she has provided goth and alternative makeup lovers a whole new world. With the amazing stickers you can step up your make up game and become whoever you want. 

They bring a mysterious and ethereal look to any outfit with their amazing face stickers made for any occasion! Check out some of our stock below.

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BILL & TED GIVEAWAY 🌟 WINNERS ANNOUNCED 🌟 Posted on 8 Sep 12:57 , 0 comments

❤ WINNERS ANNOUNCED ❤  In celebration of movies returning to cinemas, we have 10 double passes to giveaway to enjoy the next hilarious adventures of Bill and Ted – “Bill And Ted Face The Music”

“Be excellent to each other.”

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FATHERS DAY GIFT IDEAS Posted on 27 Aug 10:56 , 0 comments

It's almost time to celebrate that special father figure in your life.  We have some super cute and unique gift ideas that they will be sure to adore. 

Forget boring socks & jocks, reinforce that you are the favourite child or partner with some quirky, fun pop culture gifts, horror collectables, wacky socks or humorous boxers. 

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HANDFISH CONSERVATION Posted on 18 Aug 13:07 , 0 comments

Beserk is passionate about our Earth. We love all of the animals, humans and places no matter how different they may be. As they like to say at the Handfish Conservation - "If you’ve never seen a handfish before, imagine dipping a toad in some brightly coloured paint, telling it a sad story, and forcing it to wear gloves two sizes too big!".

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NATIONAL RETAIL AWARDS - PEOPLE'S CHOICE! Posted on 18 Aug 12:03 , 0 comments

Beserk are honoured to be nominated for the 2020 National Retail Awards People’s Choice Awards.

We would love your vote!

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NEMESIS NOW Posted on 12 Aug 15:23 , 0 comments

Beserk is welcoming Nemesis Now to our growing list of amazing brands, providing some of the most unique, gothic and alternative products from candelabras, goblets, ornaments, books & so much more.

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CRAZY COLOR INSPIRATION Posted on 9 Aug 13:07 , 0 comments

We love Crazy Colour here at Beserk. You can create some amazing looks with their range of colours. We stock so many colours for you to choose from, with amazing pastels, vibrant colours & UV reactive dyes.

We're here to show you some of the unique and amazing styles you can create using Crazy Colour hair colours from ombres, melts, split dye, solid colour & even holographic looks!

Find your next style today and get creative with Crazy Color! Find some of our favourite looks created with Crazy Colour below.

We believe in freedom of expression and are always finding new ways to do that! With our amazing brands, we bring you everything you need from makeup to shoes! Bring out your inner butterfly, mermaid, witch, goth, fairy or whoever you feel like being today with Crazy Color. 

Get your hands on some awesome colours today and start an adventure that never ends. Find our full collection of Crazy Color HERE and our complete collection of hair colours and tools HERE. 

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BEWARE AUSTRALIA POST SCAM EMAILS Posted on 6 Aug 10:31 , 0 comments

We have recently become aware that spam emails have been sent out from an email address that looks very similar to ours -> [beserek, not beserk]

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100% SOFT Posted on 3 Aug 11:52 , 0 comments

Introducing 100% Soft to Beserk.
We have a new brand for you with some awesome, unique and innovative designs for you to choose from with adorable plush toys, plush charms & keychains, sticker packs & cute enamel pins.
We can't wait to add more from 100% Soft, we can't get enough of how cute they are!
These plush teddies, keychains, charms & sticker packs are SO CUTE & unique and we love to give you as many options as we can. 

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