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Killstar Casket Carry Cases! Posted on 9 Jul 10:21 , 0 comments

We have the Killstar Casket Carry Cases here at Beserk! 

Travel in style next time you go on a road trip to Transylvania with a hard protective case in a custom coffin mold, collapsible handle, and four wheels so you can be on a constant roll. Adorned with a contrasting silver bat-plaque. With zip closure, multi compartments and just the right size for your carry on!

Killstar is a dark and edgy lifestyle, comprised of provocative thinking and unconventional ideas. Beserk absolutely loves Killstar, with it being one of our quickest brands to sell out, we want you to get in quick! 

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New adorable designs from Cupcake Cult! Posted on 3 Jul 17:01 , 0 comments

Cupcake Cult is such an adorable brand, bringing the cutest designs featuring cats, dragons, unicorns and so much more. We absolutely love the unique and interesting ideas that come from Cupcake Cult here at Beserk. We have some new products to share with you, so let's check them out below!

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New YRU Footwear! Posted on 3 Jul 16:59 , 0 comments

YRU has some innovative and unique designs! With stunning pastels, blacks and even holographic styles, you will have a pair of shoes for every occasion from stunning platforms, heels and sneakers for you to choose from, let's check them out!

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SARAH MUDLE Posted on 24 Jun 10:37 , 0 comments

Sarah Mudle is an Australian artist who specialises in special effects makeup! Creating handmade masks and prosthetics for cosplayers and halloween enthusiasts alike! These amazing unique designs are all products of Sarah's insane imagination, with inspiration taken from pop culture, horror movies, Halloween and more! We have some amazing masks from Sarah Mudle that require no outside work from you as well as prosthetics for some serious creativity! Check out her amazing pieces below! 

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JUNE CLEARANCE SALE! NEW ITEMS ADDED! Posted on 10 Jun 10:02 , 0 comments


With hundreds of products on sale and UP TO 50% OFF on selected items, say farewell to your money! We have products from heaps of brands going up for sale with Killstar, Restyle, Lime Crime, Funko, Jawbreaker, Sourpuss, Mermaid Salon, Twisted, BlueQ and so many more! 

We have shoes, clothes, accessories, homewares, cosmetics and pop culture collectables for you to browse for some serious retail therapy. Take a sneak peak at some of the products below! 

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NEW LOQI Posted on 8 Jun 16:37 , 0 comments

Introducing LOQI! Our newest brand with eco friendly reusably bags with adorable and cute designs! LOQI bags are super-strong, long-lasting, water-resistant and extremely good looking. No, it’s not too much to ask. You can have your cake and eat it too! With quirky designs featuring art from Jan Davidsz. de Heem with his stunning baroque style paintings having beautiful flowers over a black background creating a stunning contrast. With amazing works of art including stunning scenery with interpretive art such as a stunning world map piece with animals and nature. With famous paintings and artists comes amazing and stunning bags for you! 

No matter what the occasion is, you'll have plenty of room with LOQI bags! Check out the designs we have below! 

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ADORE Posted on 5 Jun 16:23 , 0 comments

Adore is one of the newest brands to Beserk! We love to get creative here and go crazy with our hair colours!  We also know that a lot of our customers love to stand out with cute, quirky and ethereal styles with bright green mohawks, fiery orange crew cuts, gorgeous galaxy hair and adorable yellow curly bobs! We have seen some awesome  styles come through our door and we love to share that with all of you! 

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PAWSITIVITY KITTY T-SHIRT DONATION Posted on 2 Jun 15:26 , 0 comments

We have almost completely sold out of our Pawsitivity Kitty T-Shirts! With $15 from every shirt going to Beyond Blue, we have managed to raise $1,350 in only a few short weeks with the help of all of you! We are so proud to be a part of the Beserk family! We absolutely loved being a part of this fundraiser, with our amazing design team creating an adorable t-shirt that helps you to show off your love for Beserk as well as your support for those in need.

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SIX BUNNIES Posted on 27 May 16:36 , 0 comments

Six Bunnies brings us the cutest alternative outfits and accessories for babies and kids! As well as awesome tote bags that have plenty of room for all the babies essentials, and yours, while showing off your style! There's more where that came from! Check out our Six Bunnies collection with amazing onesies, rompers, bibs, baby sets, glasses for kids, beanies and so much more HERE

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Pawsitivity Kitty Colouring In Competition! ❤️WINNERS ANNOUNCED!❤️ Posted on 21 May 08:25 , 0 comments

Congratulations to our winners of the Pawsitivity Colouring Competition!

Check out all of the amazing entries in the enclosed link.

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COVID-19 UPDATE Posted on 20 May 15:15 , 0 comments

We wanted to update you all on our current situation due to COVID-19! Please note we have new opening hours for our office and warehouse - 8:30am AEST to 4:00pm AEST!...

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MOTHERS DAY! Posted on 7 May 15:45 , 0 comments

Mother's Day is just around the corner, it's so close we can smell the breakfast in bed and feel the incredibly warm and comforting hugs that only a mother (figure) can provide. Whether you've got your paternal mum or a chosen mum, we have so many awesome, adorable, cute and quirky gifts for you to choose from! We have so many cute things to offer to help you show your love and adoration for the woman who raised you, nurtured you, created you and loved you into the amazing human being that you are today. 

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