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Easter Colouring Competition! Posted on 15 Mar 11:09 , 1 comment

The Beserk Easter Colouring Comp is back for 2020!  We have a crazy $350 worth of vouchers on offer!  Get your entry in quick - entries will be uploaded as they are received, and the more likes you get the better your chances of snapping up one of our vouchers!


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Free HartBeat Candy in all orders! Posted on 12 Jul 12:32 , 1 comment

All Beserk orders contain a delicious HartBeat candy! The tasty strawberry candy with your fortune written inside the wrapper.

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Beserk Does Monster Fest! Posted on 6 Mar 12:00 , 0 comments

Monster Fest is about blackened cinemas with awe-struck patrons sitting on the edge of their seats. It’s about white knuckles, cold sweats, nervous gasps, gut-wrenching laughs and screams in the dark, but most of all Monster Fest is about people – people who love cinema with bite, a community of like-minded souls from every corner of life, united by a passion for the most twisted imaginings on the planet.

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