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Dark In Love is an alternative clothing brand that aims to bring you an amazing array of clothing with creative designs. Dark In Love is a clothing and accessories brand that specialises in gothic lolita alternative fashion.

Dark In Love clothing is an internationally revered designer of modern gothic classics. Taking influence from history's most romantic periods (including the Dark Ages), Dark In Love summon such fervour into their vampiric collections which demand admiration and sartorial respect. Dark In Love are the masters of figure-flattering cuts that seek to augment and enhance the brand's seductive and mysteriously dark ideals and appeal, all the while with the highest quality control and assurance - the quality of their uniquely nocturnal dresses, skirts, coats, and tops is purely exemplary, earning Dark In Love a loyal following of timeless elegant gothic lolita, Edwardian, Victorian, and Steampunk lovers worldwide!

Beserk stocks Dark In Love pieces, the most alluring array of irresistible goth clothing. If you are searching for a unique Victorian aesthetic that will drop jaws and steal hearts, Dark In Love is the answer. Gothic Lolita fashion is fast becoming one of the top fashion trends around the world. It has become so popular it has now diverged into offshoots of the style, the most popular of which is the gothic style, Lolita. Lolita fashion is meant to make the wearer appear youthful and innocent, but when it is paired with the dark morbid edge of the goth subculture, it proves a much darker expression. Go back to basics with a knitted flower lace top (black of course) with a cut out back and flared sleeves. Or become a true goth princess with a breathtaking lace skirt with a corset lace-up statement piece. For a more sexy look, go for the corset lace dress with detailed embellishments around the bust and waist.

There is seriously so much you can do with Gothic Lolita. Check out Beserk's collection of Dark In Love clothing today!