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Cheshire Cat & Smile | PINS* Worked Too Hard | PIN Salem’s Shadow | PIN Lovers Tarot [Silver] | PIN You Can’t Cheat Death [Black] | PIN Palmistry Man [Black/Silver] | PIN Just Playin' | PIN Salem Witch House | ENAMEL PIN Vintage Redrum | PIN Vintage Showtime | PIN Smashing Pumpkins | PIN SET Sakura Lantern | PIN The Boy Who Swallowed a Star | PIN Waiting in the Rain | PIN Coffee & Cats | PIN Cuddling Cats | SOFT ENAMEL PIN Cat Hair Don't Care | SOFT ENAMEL PIN Pawsitive Vibes | SOFT ENAMEL PIN Grey Kitty | SOFT ENAMEL PIN Mystic Mog | GOLD PLATED PIN Cat Plant | ENAMEL PIN Purr Evil Pink Cat | ENAMEL PIN Cthulhu Awakens | PIN Vintage Scissors | PIN Deadly | COLLAR PIN Deadly [Black] | BROOCH Deadly [Silver] | BROOCH IC x Draculita | BLOODBATH SET Kyubi no Kitsune [Nine Tailed Fox] | PIN Tsukimi Moon [Bunny] | PIN Heart | PIN Sarah | ENAMEL PIN Ludo | ENAMEL PIN The Goblin King | PIN Worm & Teacup | PIN SET The Dark Crystal | PIN SET Oogie Boogie | PIN Like, OMG Scream! | PIN Lets Play Jigsaw | PIN Sweet Dreams Freddy | PIN We All Poop Down Here | PIN Nokturnal Bats | PIN SET Beserk For Bats | CHARITY BADGE Go Away | ENAMEL PIN New Generation Kawaii [Mint] | ROSETTE Horror Classics: Beetlejuice | POP! ENAMEL PIN Horror Classics: Annabelle | POP! ENAMEL PIN* Horror Classics: IT Pennywise [1990] | POP! ENAMEL PIN Horror Classics: The Nun | POP! ENAMEL PIN* Spoons In The Dishwasher | ENAMEL PIN Weekend Plans | ENAMEL PIN People To Avoid | ENAMEL PIN There'd Better Be Cats [Black] | ENAMEL PIN Primal Pop [Pastel] | LOGO TIN BADGE Primal Pop [Vivid] | LOGO TIN BADGE Simpsons | Homer Stone Of Shame ENAMEL PIN Beauty And The Beast | Pin Trader BACKPACK [With Pin]* Colourful Rebellion Animal [Black Leopard] | 2-WAY RIBBON Glitter Star Logo | TIN BADGE Ghost Dog | ENAMEL PIN
Beserk has a wide range of spooky and kooky pins and badges; a great way to add that personal touch to your clothes and accessories. Pins and badges were not always fashionable. But for the past several decades, they've come to symbolise many different things to many different people.

There is a demand for punk clothing more than ever nowadays, and the humble pins and badges, an iconic punk accessory, is at the top of the list when it comes to creating your own ideal aesthetic. Whether it is for daily wear on your favourite pair of jeans, or a jacket that is reserved for festivals, live shows and concerts. It is more than just a pin - it is a badge of identity, aligning yourself with counter culture. Gone is the practical idea of using pins and badges to repair torn clothing. Now they are worn proudly right next to those deliberate rips and distress you've given your outfit.

Pins and badges can represent the icons of certain subcultural movements. Sid Vicious, Johnny Rotten, and Nancy Vandal all hold powerful symbolism as figureheads of the anarcho-punk aesthetic and hardcore street lifestyle during the 1970s and 1980s, and still continue to this day. In the same vein, pins featuring Elvira Mistress of the Dark, or Vampira from the golden age of the silver screen, will express to the world that you're a little bit kooky and a lot bit spooky, favouring horror and Gothic themes. Pins are kind of like temporary tattoos in that sense.

Beserk has got more pins and badges than we can poke a stick at, from reputable brands like Killstar, Trick or Treat Studios, Punky Pins, Sourpuss, Kreepsville 666, Bioworld, Blackcraft, Harebrained and more! In the streets, patches continue to be a pulse not only on social and political climates, but personal fashion and identity. Wear your pins and badges with pride and join the ranks of fashion history.