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The first thing people notice when they meet you is usually your face. Facial care and beauty products have become a staple in society. It's used to cover imperfections, accentuate features and bring attention to your face. With makeup being used daily in many mediums, there is a lot of different looks to try at home. With Lady Gaga's style portrayed in the music industry, to the beautiful and bold looks created by the contestants on RuPaul's Drag Race. With Beserks favourite brands, we have the perfect products to help you turn yourself into the butterfly or demon you wish to be!

Here at Beserk, we love makeup, we love creativity and we're passionate about providing you with the options you desire. With the freedom you've always craved comes a huge range of products, from blue foundations for smurfing it up to face jewels for that ethereal fairy look. Presenting a wide range of makeup products for you to choose from including paint sticks, highlighters, blushes, contours, eye shadows in cream and powders, palettes, foundations, setting sprays, primers, barrier sprays, metallic powders, rhinestones and more!

But we don't just focus on beauty! We also stock a range of face and skincare items to help your skin breathe and take a break from all that paint! With our face washes, face masks, skin cleansers, makeup remover, make up brushes, sponges and even Dr Pickles own Tattoo Aftercare Packs!

From amazing brands like Manic Panic, Medusas Makeup, Firebox, Lime Crime, Mehron Makeup, Stargazer, Mermaid Salon, Rebels Refinery, Lunatick Cosmetics, Fright Fest, Dr Pickles, Killstar, Blackcraft, Wick'ety Wack and Love Byrd!

We stock a wide range of face products, no matter what the occasion you will have everything you need. You may be dressing up for Halloween, going out on a date, having a family gathering or going to a comic book convention as your favourite character! It doesn't matter, we've got the perfect products for you. Don't miss your chance to become a part of the Beserk family with our amazing range of colours, formulas, brands and finishes.