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Shop Blue Hair Dye

Got the blues because you can’t find the right hair colouring to fit your style? Check out Beserk’s broad selection of super cool blue hues.

Blue hair colour stands out in a dynamic, but more subdued way compared to brighter colours such as red or orange.

Choose From Light Blue Hair Dyes and Other Popular Shades

These blue colours are perfect for stand-alone styles. They also blend very well when creating effects such as mermaid, rainbow, or pastel hair styles. Blue hair dye can come in a broad variety of shades from vivid royal and dark blues to lighter tones, such as bubblegum blue.

We encourage our valued customers to mix and match the different hair colours, shades, and tones. At Beserk, we believe that each individual can tell their own story through their style and fashion choices. For that reason, we offer not only blue hair dye colours, but a variety of other colouring products, clothing, pop culture products, homewares, accessories, and more.

Beserk offer a range of blue colours:

  • navy blue hair
  • light blue hair
  • dark blue hair
  • pastel blue hair

Common Questions

How long does blue hair dye stay in your hair?

Different brands of hair dye will have different results, in general hair dye will last around 4 to 6 weeks.

Does blue hair dye wash out quickly?

Everyones hair is different and reacts differently, some people will have hair dye stay in their hair longer than others. Generally you will see some intensity soften with the fist wash.

Can I pull off blue hair?

Of course you can, blue hair looks great on everyone and all skin tones.