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Choose From An Expansive Range of Pleaser Heels & Boots

Whether you are looking for iconic, fun footwear or you’re seeking sexy shoes for pole dance, pleasers have evocative appeal. Whilst pleasers may feel crazy high when you first wear them, they are not very difficult to get along with and come in different heights and styles. Just work on your point, transitions, and ensure you strengthen your ankles. 

It may help to practice wearing heels on the regular to feel more comfortable when you move. At Beserk, we bring you various collections of pleasers to try out whether in sandal or boot styles. We feature pleaser shoes of different materials ranging from clear plastic to faux suede to leather – and of course the ones covered in glitter or crystals. You will find a material that impresses you and works best for you. 

Pole Dancing Shoes, Sexy Shoes, and Pleaser Boots Australia

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned dancer, you can add some charm to your dance routine by wearing pleaser shoes. They are the preferred pole dancing shoes for exotic fitness lovers – they help add more accents as well as quirks to performances. From ankle to knee-length, there are options for every goddess. Additionally, pleasers help pole and burlesque dancers to contour the heels to their feet and give support to the entire leg. This helps the dancer avoid fatigue and feel fabulous as they perform. 

When you buy Beserk’s pleaser shoes, get a pair of shoes and pay for them through the Afterpay platform for convenience in payment. Don’t wait for weeks ordering shoes from overseas, we have same-day dispatch if you make your order before 2 pm so you can be on stage or in the studio in style.

Why Pleaser Shoes and Boots Are The Alt Choice

Pleaser make sexy alternative footwear. They exclusively create footwear for alternative lifestyles, pole and fetish lovers. Bringing you the biggest range in quality, sexy and naughty alternative heels & boots, Pleaser is a speciality footwear powerhouse serving exclusively the needs of alternative (or questionable) lifestyles. You will certainly be more than pleased!

Bringing you the best and most affordable in sexy, naughty, alternative & dancing shoes & boots! From Platforms and heels to Glitter & Sparkles! Pleaser aspire to become the global leader, innovator, and catalyst in providing cutting-edge sexy and alternative footwear. They are indisputably one of the most renowned sexy shoes brand worldwide.

Pleaser's strong attention to detail, craftsmanship, design, and selections have solidified Pleaser's foothold and reputation among sexy shoe aficionados and professional performers alike. If you are into pole-dancing and looking for the most attractive and jaw-dropping pair to purchase, or not sure what brand you should consider, or you haven't even considered pole dancing, then consider no further because Pleaser have you covered.