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BESERK, Australia’s largest and longest running Alternative Online Store and proud supporters of underground and independent popular culture!

Established in 2000, Beserk is an alternative lifestyle retailer, and is synonymous with goth, punk, rockabilly, retro, tattoo, cult clothing and accessories for all sub-cultures and counter-cultures. Their diverse and versatile range of unique and highly desirable products, including statement clothing, jewellery, accessories, homewares, and collectables, is truly a testament to their alternative ethos.

Beserk has prospered due to the incredible relationship it enjoys with its customers. Offering a staggering list of brands such as Killstar, Sourpuss, Restyle, Demonia, Disturbia, Punk Rave, Hell Bunny, Banned Apparel, Too Fast, Se7en Deadly, Ink Blot Bombs,  Manic Panic, Arctic Fox, Sugarpill, Living Dead Dolls, Funko, Hell's Blankets, Sin In Linen, Pop! Vinyl, Archie McPhee Accoutrements, (to name merely a few), Beserk have truly cemented their place in the scene.

Beserk caters for unique individuals who are daring, bold, 100% true to themselves, subversive, contrarian, rebellious, and controversial. Beserk has set itself the epic challenge of deconstructing the conservative agenda!

Beserk won the People’s Choice Award (Orias) in both 2016 and 2017, were Finalists in 2015 and 2018, and are renowned for their incredible commitment to customer service, amazingly fast delivery times, quality products, and affiliation with many animal charities both locally and internationally. With their twisted blend of unique and unconventional clothing, eccentric shoes and boots, cosmetics, fetish and event wear, rainbow and pastel hair colours and dyes, offbeat babies clothing, peculiar homewares, and sought-after collectables from a vast range of pop culture phenomena, Beserk is much more than just a brand: Beserk represents a lifestyle of embracing all things, cult, transgressive and gothic: something customers are sure to understand!

Beserk, and its signature alternative-punk-goth (victorian gothic) aesthetic and alternative appeal, is for anyone and everyone who wants to express themselves or stand out.