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Beserk carries an immense range of high quality cruelty-free hair colour products - but we don't stop there! Beserk cares about your hair and we understand the importance and significance of treating your hair the correct way to ensure best care, so that your colours will last longer and reducing fading! Beserk is a one stop shop for alternative hair cosmetics - we understand our customers and their often alternative subculture lifestyles, and we definitely understand that having awesome killer hair is a priority.

That's why we offer a large selection of hair care products from brands such as Manic Panic, Fanola, Crazy Colour, Pravana Chromasilk, Directions, and others. Our products range from dry shampoos, no yellow shampoo packs, colour protecting spray bottles, restructuring masks, after colour shampoos, no orange packs, stain removers, barrier creams, leave-in conditioners, anti-oxidant treatments, Argan oils, and more.

Our Crazy Colour range gives you access to certain shampoos that are specifically formulated for particular hair colour types - Crazy Colour offers special shampoos for pink shades, blue shades, purple shades, and red shades, meaning your colour of preference will be preserved for much longer!

We stock a range of hair care products for all types, including dry shampoo, shampoos and conditioners for pinks, purples, reds, blues and more, tint brushes, hair masks, sealing sprays, hair clips, split end creams, toners, stain removers, barrier creams and so much more!

With Beserk, you are promised a passionate and moral approach to the work we do. We scour the world for the best and affordable products for every day people. We don't want you to have to spend $300 at a hair dresser when with high quality, professional products, you can achieve those looks at home. But be careful! Do as much research as you can before you go destroying your hair and ending up with patches from bad bleach jobs! Grab a trusting friend and get colouring and cleaning with Beserks huge range of hair care products!