Dragon [Reflective] | PLATFORM BOOTS [FAULTY]* Purple Check | SKINNY JEANS [FAULTY]* Kikimora | SHIRT [FAULTY]* Freak Flag [Black] | JACKET [MISSING STRAPS]* TRASHVILLE-205 [Black] | BOOTS [IN STOCK - US 05]* Handmade Habitats | BEE HOTEL KIT [DAMAGED BOX]* Thing Creeping | HAND OF HORROR [FAULTY]* Carambola-01 [Black Pat] | PLATFORM SNEAKERS [MISSING CHAINS]* Cthulhu | TEAPOT [DAMAGED]* Rise Up | BOOTS [NO BOX]* Lamia | CHOKER [FAULTY]* Devil Wears Stripes [Black] | SKIRT [FAULTY]* The Devil Wears Stripes [Black] | SKIRT [MISSING PIECE]* Dune Desert [Black] | PLATFORM BOOTS [FAULTY]* Happy Unbirthday 13 | FITTED T-SHIRT* The Awakening | KEYCHAIN* Dead Boy | KEYCHAIN* Kawaii | PIN* Sad Boy | PIN* Pokemon | Countdown Advent CALENDAR* The Ghostess [Scarlet] | MAXI SKIRT* Murmur | RING* Haunted Pumpkin | ONESIE* Beserk Christmas 2021 | FORTUNE COOKIE BOLT-200 [Black] | BOOTS [IN STOCK - US 05] [FAULTY]* Destruction | SKIRT* Pentagram Babe | SKIRT* Distorted Dreams | PLEATED SKIRT* Forbidden Hearts | PANTS* Immolation [Black] | PANTS* Disney | Christmas Mickey Mouse COOKIE JAR Luna | HEXMAS TINSEL* Magick | HEXMAS TINSEL* CREEPER-206 [Black Suede] | PLATFORM CREEPERS [IN STOCK]* Plague Seeker | BACKPACK ART SWITCHER* Psychotic Delight | BACKPACK ART SWITCHER* Five Nights at Freddy’s | Pint Sized Heroes Advent CALENDAR* Evilish | CLOAK* Curses | LONG HOODIE* Thalia | SWEATSHIRT* Visage | KNIT SWEATER* Ghost Lemonade | KNIT SWEATER* Ether | KNIT SWEATER* Veruca Salt | KNIT SWEATER* Faustus | HOOD JACKET* Holy | KNIT SWEATER* Lucian | KNIT SWEATER* Nix | KNIT SWEATER* Juniper | KNIT SWEATER* Reaper | CLOAK* Luminary | FACE-GUARD BEANIE* Hexmaster | HOODED SCARF* You're Sick | RAGLAN TEE* Hotfix Spider | TEE* Skull | TANK TOP* Witchy | MESH BODYSUIT* Dark Realm | DRESS* Bone Carver | DRESS* Blade | HOODED TOP* Haunted Bones | DRESS*

Looking for gothic clothing on sale? Or you may be lucky enough to find your favourite homewares on sale, we have a wide variety of products that you will find in our sale section from time to time! Gothic Shoes on Sale have their very own category so don't forget to pop in there for a look. Pop Culture and Cosmetics are always a favourite to find on sale.  We have Menswear on sale Babies and Kids gear and some awesome Accessories, so happy hunting friends, enjoy your discoveries! 

Beserk was launched in 2000 as the answer to a distinct lack of alternative fashion in the Australian market. Fully online by 2001, we realised there was a niche market for non-mainstream fashion for international brands. We expanded in 2010 to sell other brands that suited Beserk and now sell over 100 uniquely sourced brands on our site. Beserk is Australia’s largest, longest-running Alternative Online store. We offer an impressive range of all things weird, wonderful, and unconventional: clothing, accessories, home wares, shoes, cosmetics and pop-culture collectables, all aimed towards the ever-growing alternative market. We accommodate for all subcultures and counter-cultures, many of which didn’t exist when Beserk was first established.

We maintain trends and are the go-to fashion outlet for every persuasion, lifestyle and gender. Our customers feel comfortable shopping with us: we never judge or discriminate and cater for all unique individuals. We are an equal opportunity employer and our staff are as diverse and inclusive as our customers. Beserk offers the latest, hottest, most diverse range of items from around the world. Our strategic vision is achievable; to be the number one store for alternative fashion, to create acceptance of diversity and all things curious, to be a socially and environmentally conscious business that provides an exceptional experience that customers revere, recommend, and to which they will return.

Beserk doesn't just provide you with other brands, but we've also designed and created our own clothing line, with signature prints! With awesome unique designs that give off an anime inspired feel, giving you a glimpse into our favourite artists. With collaborative T-Shirts including our Iren Horrors mens shirt featuring a beautiful design called "Kitsune" that Iren Horrors of DeviantArt created, as well as our Army Of Wonderland t-shirt designed by Matt Poser and our Dreaming Desire t-shirt designed by Aureole!

Beserk Clearance Collection! We add items regularly to this section. Visit our page regularly to see new overstocked, discontinued, last ones or clearance stock added! Heavily Discounted!

PLEASE NOTE: Sale Items can be returned for STORE CREDIT only.