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Looking for Gothic lolita clothes, Visual kei clothes or Punk clothes! Beserk provides the best range of Punk Rave clothing - shop now! Punk Rave are the leaders in gothic, punk, kawaii, lolita and alternative clothing! Purchase the latest Punk Rave Gothic, Punk, Lolita, Steampunk, Vampire and Military inspired apparel. Punk Rave also encompasses Steampunk, Military inspired trends, heavy metal and motorcycle apparel. The Punk Rave brand caters for many various and often unheard of subcultures and counter-cultures, such as psychobilly, rivethead, anarcho-punk, gothbilly, and simple straight-up gothic inspirations. 

Punk Rave offers streetwear, sexy swimwear and killer club life fashion. Including, but not limited to: dresses, shirts, tops and tees, pants and shorts, skirts, outerwear such as hoodies, cardigans, jackets, coats and capes, gloves, chokers, and necklaces, fascinators, camisoles, neckties and coifs, bracelets and rings for your pale moonlight fingers, hats and headwear, harnesses and hosiery, even leather and lace multi-purpose accessory bracers, knots, and gothic collars. Punk Rave want you to be happy and satisfied with their products. Most of all, they want you to be excited about wearing their items. Embrace your inner street punk rebel, nurture it and rave to it enthusiastically with acclaim, and run with it. Punk Rave, from Gothic Lolita Dresses to Visual Kei Clothing.

Awesome style for awesome people! Founded in 2006, Punk Rave is mainly engaged in offering Punk and Gothic fashion with Gothic lolita and Visual kei clothing. Their primary influence is punk fashion because "Punk is NOT dead!" A secondary influence is Gothic fashion and thirdly is Gothic Lolita. The elegant styles of the Victorian era make a modern appearance with Punk Rave. Finally Visual Kei clothing! Visual Kei is basically heavy-metal inspired clothing with dark colours. Metallic embellishments, belts and buckles and studs and distressed details. So punk! Everything a Goth girl or boy could ever need.