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Remember when your mother always told you to wear a clean pair of undies in case you were hit by a car? Beserk has so many undies that you'll never be caught out wearing day old knickers because you've run out. Harebrained's famous Period Panties make up the majority of Beserk's ladies underwear collection. We also stock a decent range of lingerie and other bedroom attire.

From Brands including Period Panties, Killstar, Leg Avenue, Twisted, Unholy and more!

Harebrained Period Panties are continuously being designed and released due to the creative inspirations of pop culture. Some of the designs we stock here at Beserk include Star Wars themed "It's a Cramp", Transformers "Auto-clots, Bleed out!", He-Man Masters of the Universe "She-Rag, Master of the Uterus", Supernatural "Supermenstrual", Deadpool "Redpool", Big Trouble in Little China "Big Trouble in Little 'Gina", Stranger Things "Staining Things", Beetlejuice "It's Flow Time", Harry Potter "Levi-FLOW-sa", Monty Python "Just a Flesh Wound", Rambo "Rainbo - First Blood", Nightmare on Elm Street "Nightmare on Bed Sheets", Bram Stoker "C*nt Dracula", Jurassic Park "Jurassic Period", and so, so many more awesome and hilarious themed knickers to choose from.

Killstar brings us sexy lingerie underwear with their Deadly Night panties, bringing Baphomets awesome style to life with their designs as well as their Priestess Panty, which has the matching Priestess Bra, bringing amazing gothic style to your underwear! Bringing Gothic designs to you for affordable prices, Killstar really makes an effort to give you the styles you can't find anywhere else! 

Check out Beserks range of underwear today and bring some flavour to your outfits! Mum always said to wear clean underwear everyday, just in case you're hit by a bus and Beserk has your back!