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Period Panties! Demented and hilarious designs that high-five you for having your period! Congratulations, you survived another month of womanhood!

Inspired by pop culture and as many period puns as possible in a huge range of sizes, the brand Harebrained schemed the idea of Period Panties as a fun way to subtly and non-verbally express to your partner that it is that time of the month again.

And oh my goodness are they punny and uproarious, side-splitting, rib-tickling, amusing, entertaining, ultra-high spirited, witty, droll, vivacious and wacky. You cannot help but smile and laugh when you see these bad girls.

With colours that will make your eyes water with their brightness and immediacy, Period Panties are really quite "in your face". In a good way!

Founded by illustrator and designer Anthony Hall in 2008, Harebrained has grown into a team dedicated to making anything and everything awesome. They are best known for their line of menstrual themed Period Panties, and have recently developed men's and women's "Pundies". In 2017, Harebrained also expanded into the tabletop game market with a NSFW trivia game called Shit For Brains.

Period Panties are continuously being designed and released due to the creative inspirations of pop culture. Some of the designs we stock here at Beserk include Star Wars themed "It's a Cramp", Transformers "Auto-clots, Bleed out!", He-Man Masters of the Universe "She-Rag, Master of the Uterus", Supernatural "Supermenstrual", Deadpool "Redpool", Big Trouble in Little China "Big Trouble in Little 'Gina", Stranger Things "Staining Things", Beetlejuice "It's Flow Time", Harry Potter "Levi-FLOW-sa", Monty Python "Just a Flesh Wound", Rambo "Rainbo - First Blood", Nightmare on Elm Street "Nightmare on Bed Sheets", Bram Stoker "C*nt Dracula", Jurassic Park "Jurassic Period", and so, so many more awesome and hilarious themed knickers to choose from.

At affordable prices, this range of underwear makes a definite statement and can, of course, be worn at any time of the month, not only "that" time!

Please note these are not designed to replace sanitary products.