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Your period probably isn’t something you think of as fun but period panties can help you lighten the mood or at least give voice to the raging hormones that visit every month. Created by Harebrained Design, it serves as a warning to others that it’s that time! Leave it to a tall man fueled by puppies and beer to come up with a line of menstrual underwear that tells it like it is but in a humorous way.

These undies are brightly designed, using some familiar characters to get the point across. They are the culmination of cute, demented, and creative. The range of period underwear has names like Evil Beaver, Sourpuss, Curse of Blood, and Shark Week. With such a variety of names like Captain Redbeard, Dawn of the Red, Malice in Underland, and Bleeder of the Pack, it’s no wonder period panties have become such a big hit!

When you wear your period underwear during that special time of the month, you never have to explain a thing. Let your period undies do the talking for you. Panties are made of 95% cotton and 5% elastane and have a partial black cotton lining. Choose from panty or boy short styles. **Please note these are not designed to replace sanitary items!

There are lots of designs to choose from so you can wear a different message every day of your period. Menstrual underwear is the creative new way to express how you really feel about that special time of the month and to give any interested parties the “heads up” about the rage that is probably brewing inside!