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Black truly is beautiful. It’s also a bold choice that makes a defining statement about a person. Entertainers such as Johnny Cash saw the colour as symbolic of standing strong beside the most vulnerable. Others simply love the look of Goth black hair!

Whatever your reason for choosing this dynamic and powerful colouring, Beserk offers a range of different shades of black, perfect as a stand-alone colour or blended with others. We strive to provide the best range of hair products possible, including Goth black hair dye, so that our valued customers can create their own styles.

Our commitment to customers goes beyond hair. Check out our full selection of cosmetics, shoes, clothing, pop culture products, and accessories. We also offer a broad range of products on sale, helping our customers save money on their favourites.

At Beserk, we work hard to help our valued customers not just follow styles and trends, but set them in their own individual ways.