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Wig | CAP^ Hologram 12" [Black] | WIG Lace Front Yaki Straight [Black] | WIG [32 INCH] Classic Wavy Mystical Kiss [Black] | WIG Lace Front Long Straight [Black] | WIG [24 INCH] Lace Front Long Straight [White] | WIG [24 INCH] Hologram [Royal Blue Mix] | WIG [12 INCH] Yaki Straight Turquoise Mix | WIG [32 INCH] Bella [Lavender] | WIG Bella Black | WIG Classic Wavy [Red & Black] | WIG Classic [Rose Fade] | WIG Uptown Girl Red Mix | WIG Classic Wavy [Blonde Fade] | WIG Classic Wavy [Teal] | WIG Rainbow Rock Hair Prism 2 [Pastel] | WIG Trash Goddess [Fleurs Du Mal] | WIG Bang Bang Collection Black Widow | WIG Hologram Dark Mint Mix | WIG [12 INCH] Bang Bang Blonde Ambition | WIG Triflect Midnight Flame | WIG Hologram Powder Pink | WIG [12 INCH] Triflect [Periwinkle Rose] | WIG Gothic Lolita Bella [Chocolate Brown Mix] | WIG Downtown Girl [Black & Violet] | WIG Rainbow Rock [Rainbow Bob] | WIG Classic Wavy [Cranberry] | WIG Hologram [White] | WIG [12 INCH] Farrah Vixen | WIG Glam Doll [Alien Grey Ombre] | WIG Lace Front Royale [Light Medium Blonde Mix] | WIG Character Daddys Lil Monster | WIG Classic Wavy Lolita [Dusty Plum] | WIG Bella Bubble Gum Pink | WIG Prima Donna [Hot Pink Intensity] | WIG Bettie [Plum] | WIG Prima Donna Opera Red | WIG Triflect Collection Berrylicious | WIG Siren [Psychedelic Sunrise] | WIG Classic Wavy [Pink Blonde Mix] | WIG Sassi Short White | WIG Classic Wavy [Blue] | WIG^ Hologram Turquoise Mix | WIG Hologram Dark Mint Mix | WIG Savanna [Purple] | WIG Siren [Cotton Candy Angel] | WIG Straight Classic White | WIG Prima Donna Phantom Black | WIG Prima Donna White Cloud | WIG Kylie [Lime Green] | WIG After Midnight Ombre Queen Bitch | WIG Yaki Absinthe [Straight] | WIG Fuchsia Passion Siren | WIG Pastel Ombre Khloe | WIG Spiraluxe Raven | WIG

Cosplay wigs are the perfect addition to your outfit! Whatever colour you need, for whatever occasion, it's right here at Beserk! 

Cosplay wigs are worn to make your intended character come to life. Most cosplay wigs are high-quality works of art intended for wear with the same costume for years at a time. Wearing a cosplay wig properly is as simple as remembering to put on a wig cap, putting the wig on properly, and pinning it in place. 

Love Harley quinn? Do you have everything you need but there's just something missing, you keep looking in the mirror and questioning yourself.. 'what is it I'm missing?'. Finally, you look again, and you realise. 'THE HAIR, HER HAIR! THE CENTRE PIECE OF HARLEY!'. Finally, you can now sleep at night knowing what you now need to achieve THE Harley Quinn look. And oh, we have it right here at Beserk!

The beginners guide to put on a wig: 

  1. Place the end of the tape measure at your front hairline.
  2. Move the tape around your head, and over your left ear.
  3. Go around the nape of your neck, or back hairline.
  4. Move the tape around the right side, over your ear, and up front again.

If you're looking for a wig, just to wear out and not for any special occasion, why not check out our wig collection!