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We carry a gorgeous range of Cosmetic and Makeup Bags from a range of alternative brands such as Killstar, Blue Q, Harebrained, Bioworld, Loungefly and Liquorbrand! Harry Potter cosmetic bag set, The Little Mermaid Ariel Hawaii Pencil case can also be used as a cute cosmetic bag, as with the Moana Floral Pencil Case, the Lion King chibi, and the "I hate everyone too" zipper pouch.
Never leave the house without your cosmetic bag! In case of emergency - rain, tears, whatever - you can always give yourself a little touch up when you carry your makeup around with you. Of course, that is not entirely possible if your makeup collection fills your whole bedroom, but it can't hurt to have a few little things to take on the go with you. Some primer, foundation, pressed powder, mascara, eyeliner, lipstick, bronzer, and highlighter should be enough to keep you safe and on the straight and narrow. And brushes: you will want a foundation brush, powder brush, angled eye brush, blending brush, contour brush, plus anything else that you can fit inside your makeup bag. Toss in some lip balm and a few tissues and you are all set!
Let us talk about how to keep our makeup bag neat and tidy because if you are anything like us, things are bound to get a little crowded and messy in there over time! Keeping a makeup bag organised not only makes it look nice, but it helps make finding things easier too. There is more to organising a makeup bag than just keeping it clean and tidy, however; you have to know what to bring and what not to bring. If you pack too much into your bag, not only will it get cluttered and disorganised easily, but you also risk damaging the things inside it. 
1. Empty your makeup bag.
2. Remove any trash and broken or expired makeup (we know how annoying it is when something leaks out and somehow touches everything else).
3. Clean your makeup cases and brushes (you should be regularly cleaning your brushes in any case).
4. Sort the items into groups.
5. Prune out the items you don't need or use (for real, if you haven't used that discounted lip primer you bought from the bargain bin at your local pharmacy by now, you are never going to use it. Just saying.).
6. Put everything back into the bag!