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Do you love to feel uninhibited? Well, Burlesque Clothing will do just that! Throw your cares to the wind and dress how you want to! Delight your damn self! We have searched around the world to bring you the best in Burlesque fashion! The art of Tease is all about the clothes you leave on! 

Burlesque is an exciting art form, it is a genre that fuses a combination of dance, comedy and parody all into one to create the most perfect type of theatre performance. Burlesque dancing celebrates the female form, it was at it's height of popularity in the early 1900's and continues to even this day! Present day Burlesque is sometimes referred to as Neo-burlesque because it does differ slightly from the traditional style, which is just as awesome!

Burlesque style mixes elements of the different defining periods of its own popularity, combining Victorian Corsets with vaudevillian influences, even pinup and rockabilly styles. If you were to try to categorise burlesque style as one thing, you'd have lots of difficulty as it's indescribable in the best possible way. The beauty of burlesque is its diversity and the way it combines trends from different eras to create something totally unique and entertaining.

You will find a number of goodies at Beserk to help you with your Burlesque style such as Stockings , Lingerie  , Corsets, Wigs and Cosmetics.