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Usagi Tsukino, better known as Sailor Moon, is a fictional superheroine and the main protagonist and title character of the Sailor Moon manga series written by Naoko Takeuchi. She begins her career as a pop culture phenomenon as a carefree schoolgirl who can transform into Sailor Moon, the de facto leader of the Sailor Soldiers. Initially believing herself to be an ordinary girl, she is later revealed to be the reincarnated form of the Princess of the Moon Kingdom, and she subsequently uncovers her original name, Princess Serenity.

In Sailor Moon, Usagi meets Luna, a magical talking black cat that is searching for the Moon Princess. Luna reveals that Usagi is destined to save Earth from the forces of evil and gives her a brooch to transform into Sailor Moon. She asks Usagi to form the Sailor Soldiers, find their princess and protect the "Silver Crystal". As Usagi matures, she becomes a powerful warrior and protects her adopted home planet, Earth, from villains who wish to harm it. Usagi is depicted as usually carefree and cheerful, but with cry-baby tendencies that show themselves when things don't go her way.

Sailor Moon has been one of the most popular and well-known manga and anime characters in Japan and has influenced hairstyles, cosplays, conventions, and successive manga and anime productions. Join Sailor Moon along with her companions Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Venus, Sailor Saturn, Sailor Neptune, Sailor Uranus, Sailor Pluto, and Chibiusa and revel in the amazing art, characterisation, and humour.

Beserk's range of Sailor Moon items includes stationery, vinyl collectables, mystery boxes, homewares and kitchenware, accessories and Pop! Vinyl figurines. Take yourself back to the 90s!

“Who wants that? I’d rather choose to fall in love and be hurt. Sometimes I can’t even sleep because I love someone too much. And there’s always sadness in our lives. It’s that sad feeling that keeps us going.” -- Usagi Tsukino

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