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Cathedral | GLOVES Fern | LEGGINGS Silver Fur D-Ring [Black Velvet] | HOODED COAT Gothic Winter | FAUX FUR COAT Forest Witch | MESH FERN BODYSUIT Crescent | MESH BODYSUIT Raven | MESH BODYSUIT Inverted Cathedral | MESH BODYSUIT Dafne [Black] | RUFFLE SHIRT Vesper Velvet | PENTAGRAM LEGGINGS Cathedral Window Velvet | LEGGINGS Studded Suede | SHORT SKIRT Devoured | DRESS Darcy Harness | BACKPACK Castalia | CONVERTIBLE BACKPACK Eclipse Crescent | ROUND BAG Acantha | CHAIN HOLSTER BAG Devanna | POUCH BELT Lucretia | DRESS Moon Keyhole | TUNIC DRESS Callista Crescent | TUNIC DRESS Eden [Black Cotton] | FLOATY DRESS Eden [White Cotton] | FLOATY DRESS Beaded [Black Velvet] | LEGGINGS Draconia | BACKPACK Monogram Logo | WAIST BELT Pentagram Harness | TUNIC DRESS* Crescent | CUSHION COVER Amaris | CUSHION COVER Blair [Burnout] | CUSHION COVER Blair [Grey] | CUSHION COVER Blair [Black] | CUSHION COVER Las Furias | OVERSIZED T-SHIRT Las Furias | COLD SHOULDER T-SHIRT Coven | COLD SHOULDER T-SHIRT* Hecate | COLD SHOULDER T-SHIRT Nox | COLD SHOULDER T-SHIRT Coven | OVERSIZED T-SHIRT Hecate | OVERSIZED T-SHIRT Mirror | OVERSIZED T-SHIRT The Moon Chaser | OVERSIZED T-SHIRT Black Brocade | OVERBUST CORSET Witch | UMBRELLA Bat Wing | SHOE CUFFS Jewel Bat | MESH BODYSUIT Grey Gradient | LONG HOODIE Baroque | LEGGINGS Cathedral Crescent Moon | VELVET LEGGINGS Fairy Acid Wash | TUNIC DRESS Black Armor | UNDERBUST CORSET Bat | MESH GLOVES High Neck Crescent | LACE DRESS Cathedral Crescent | HANDBAG Baroque Monogram | HAT Dark Elf [Rose Crown] | HEADBAND Eyelash Lace [Black] | DRESS Floaty Pinstripe | DRESS Crescent Dolly | DRESS Pentagram Lace | COLLAR DRESS Neo Victorian Velvet | DRESS

Restyle is a brand founded in Poland in 2009, that supplies clothing and accessories. They have a wide range of alternative clothes, corsets, handbags, jewellery, and accessories, as well as cosmetics. Their products are popular among the goth and alternative communities in general.

Restyle has expertly combined gothic, dark imagery & sweet, beautiful styles to create a gorgeous range of clothing, jewellery & accessories. Designed in Poland, they are an amazing & eclectic brand that is completely individual.

Customer testimonials are proof of Restyle's quality and sizing guarantees - the quality is great and the price is great - everyone is happy!  Restyle makes clever, tactical use of goth and occult imagery and symbols, in particular the crescent moon. Their "Moon Child" collection is steeped in mythic and ancient symbols. The crescent moon symbol is primarily used to represent a nocturnal affiliation, for those in touch with their inner nighttime, and the darkness that pervades our dreams. In Celtic history, the image is significant and synonymous with growth and creativity.  If you are a witch or are invested in witchcraft, wizardry, and the occult, then you will feel right at home in Restyle clothing.

You will also find a recurring pattern of skulls and skeletons, death and darkness, the night, stars and zodiac symbols, and lots of references to traditional forms of clairvoyance such as runes and tarot cards.

Black - the pervasive scheme of colour is black, black, black! With Beserk stocking pieces such as the Pentagram Tunic Dress, Salem Black Dress, Crescent Tunic Dress, Sad Rad t-shirt, Mesh Pentagram top, Triple Goddess top, Moon Child wide brim hat, Nevermore Over-sized Tee, Lunar Hoodie, Ankh Rose Pendant, Bat Black Earrings, Cathedral Butterfly earrings, Dragon Earcuffs, Moon Triangle Bracelet, Iron Moon Biker Jacket, I Need Some Space Blouse, The Baddest Witch In Town Crop Top.

Hocus pocus toil and trouble, get some Restyle and make it double!