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MAGIC SPELL CANDLES come in 10 different colours and one rainbow pack. All of the spell candles are solid in colour. Each candle has a burn time of approximately 2 hours. They are made from paraffin wax.   Magic takes several different forms with some complex rituals that can take days or even weeks to complete. The biggest advantage to candle magic is it's simplicity. Candle magic has been performed for may years and most of us have practiced candle magic at least once in our lives, even when making a wish on a birthday cake. 

Candle Magic represents the 4 elements, Earth, Fire Ware and Air. Make sure you use a new candle for each spell.  Candles will hold the vibration from the last use. Begin you spell by cleansing and charging the candle with your intentions before any ritual, that will increase the spells effectiveness. Light the candle while visualising what you would like to achieve, Sit and meditate on your goal while the candle is burning down. Never leave you candle burning unattended. 

If you are following a set spell some spells will tell you which colour to choose. Colours are made up of different vibrational frequencies. 

White - Attracting, Purifying, Cleansing, Protection, Balancing, Clarity, Divination, Grounding, Guidance, Healing, Higher Self, Hope, Innocence, Optimism, Peace, Spirituality, Truth, Will Power and Workplace Magic. White is also thought of as an all purpose candle. White candles can generally be used to replace other colours when they are not available.

Black- Absorbing, Acceptance, Anger, The Afterlife, Banishing, Binding, Challenges, Determination, Death, Endings, Justice, Loss, Release, Break Hexes, Security, Grief, Negativity, Magic, Patience, Persistence, Rebirth, Karma, Secrets, Spirituality, Strength and Self Control.

Red - Courage, Assertiveness, Business, Creativity, Energy, Desire, Love, Loyalty, Motivation, Passion, Romance, Strength, Power, Action, Survival, Change and Overcoming obstacles.

Yellow - Action, Communication, Friendships, Learning new skills, Loans and Credit, Business, Happiness, Intellect, Inspiration, Intuition, Knowledge, Wisdom, Pleasure, Stimulation and Travel.

Pink - Acceptance, Affection, Beauty, Compassion, Reconciliation, Children, Healing Abuse, Fidelity, Family, Friendship, Femininity, Kindness, Love, Marriage, Nurturing, Passion, Sensuality and Love.

Green - Abundance, Acceptance, Action, Agriculture, Beauty, Change, Creativity, Family, Fertility, Harmony, Healing, Luck, Longevity, Environment, Nurturing, Partnerships, Peace and Prosperity.

Purple - Astrology, Authority, Enlightenment, Spiritual Development, Psychic Protection, Emotions, Imagination, Influence, Independence, Power, Spirituality, Truth, Wisdom, Writing,  Addiction and Overcoming Fears.

Orange - Abundance, Adaptability, Ambition, Celebration, Confidence, Creativity, Courage, Discipline, Vitality (Energy), Independence, Freedom, Goals, Justice, Money, Positivity, Pleasure, Reconciliation, Stimulation, Strength and Travel.

Blue - Honesty, Trust, Communication, Dreamwork, Sleep, Mental obstacles, Wisdom, Pregnancy, Leadership, Justice, Career, Marriage, Interviews and Study.

Brown - Material matters, Endurance, Hard Work, Animals, Balance, Courage, Grounding, Finding lost objects, Stability, Material Protection.

Silver - Awareness, Healing, Intuition, Divination, Money, Psychic Powers, Purification, Hidden Potential, Fertility, Feminine Energy, Stability, Success, Sea, Moon and Star Magic and The Goddess.

Gold - Abundance, Fame and Fortune, Ambitions, Money, Positivity, Happiness, Creativity, Divination, Power, Influence, Luxury, Masculine Energy, Sun Magick and The God.