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Need something to make your pants a Lil more interesting? Why not add a sick Punk patch or a sew-on patch to it! 

Shop Beserks range of awesome punk patches (that would suit anything!) at affordable prices today! Patches are great because they are the perfect accessory if you need something to make your clothing a little bit more interesting. You can apply them so easily as well!  from as simple as ironing or stitching them on, it will give you time to take some selfies with your newly redesigned pants!

Patches for clothing can come in any design, shape, size and style imaginable. There is a patch out there for everything and everyone. So if you are sick of wearing the same boring basic pair of pants, spice them up and redesign them with some patches! It's as simple as that! Push the limits of the social norms,  express yourself! Here at beserk, we believe that you should be unapologetically yourself. We stick to those words of wisdom completely. You can find affordable edgy patches at Beserk that will help you set the bar a little higher on your everyday wardrobe!

The reason why you see so many punks with patched up jackets, vests and pants etc is that punks would wear their political views on their outfits. Patches were the easiest way to show the world how they felt in regards to a political party or group (or whatever). Not only that, punks would make a lot of their clothing, including patches. 

A sick Punk patch is a perfect accessory for your clothing. It creates that little-bit-extra type of feel. Why not check out our other punk range such as clothing and or shoes

Get that full punk feel today at Beserk!