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As fresh as a summer rain and as fun as three months off of school, rainbow hair dye has the wow factor that your look needs. If you crave a dynamic and trendy look, check out different versions of the rainbow hair colour style.

One of the best perks of rainbow hair comes in its versatility. Different than other dynamic dos, mixing hair color gives you exciting changes in the colouring depending on the style. Wearing your hair down creates a fun peekaboo effect with the various colours. An updo or topknot, however, reveals the full effect of stunning colouring shining through.

Berserk offers over 500 different colours and shades perfect for rainbow or mixing hair colour, from deep violet to napalm orange and everything in between.

Be sure to check out Berserk’s broad spectrum of amazing rainbow styles and other colours. We also offer hundreds of incredible items on sale, including clothing, housewares, cosmetics, accessories, and much more.

Berserk is Australia’s home for cool styles and fresh fashions.