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Mermaids Hair Colour

In 2015, Disney posted fun hair idea pictures to social media to celebrate the re-release of their classic film The Little Mermaid. 

Whoever would have predicted that their fun and exciting take on hair colour combinations would still be going strong up to five years later? 

Mermaid hair colours liberate you to choose from eye-catching combinations that look incredible and add beauty tinged with unpredictability and excitement. Generally these mermaid hairstyles rely on using a base colour tinged with highlights. Both together create a dynamic combination of stunning colours. 

Enjoy any range from mermaid green hair with blue highlights to amazing shades of bright red, purple, or orange

Berserk offers hundreds of dazzling and vivid colours. We have also conducted extensive research on how your natural hair colour will affect final shading results with mermaid hair dye. Handy charts ensure that you will know approximately how your hair will look when you complete the treatments. 

Want that now classic and beloved sea princess-look straight from the big screen? Start with our Arctic Fox “Poison” hair colouring. It brings those vivid reds reminiscent of those luxuriant mermaid locks. 

Looking for a cooler colour that still puts you “under the sea?” Try our vivid Poseidon medium true blue

Or leave the world of bright colours behind when you use our deep black Transylvania style. Wear it in pure black or use it to add shading to brighter options. 

With your lovely hair as the palette, our styling colours can help you craft a true work of art.