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Corset Dresses are not always associated with gothic clothing but actually they are pretty badass! A corset dress will cinch in your waist and help you push boundaries to always be looking your personal best. Beserk has a huge range of corset dresses and belts. Be cinched to the gods in our selection of gothic corset dress!  Well you know that trends always repeat themselves and corsets have been around for more than three hundred years. Corsets were worn as undergarments and of course you still can however we prefer to wear our corsets as an outer garment. Corsets may seem like the perfect going out outfit, but don't let their sexy silhouette stop you from wearing them during the day time . From brands such as Dark in Love, Killstar and Punk Rave, you'll be hugged in all the right places. Whether your taste is dreamy damask, luxe lace or perfect plaid, we've got you covered. Corsets have always been in whether you wear them under your clothing and just allow a small amount of the straps to peak out or you love your corset dress to be on sexy show, the style is completely up to you. Wear back with some amazing jewellery and sexy shoes. 

Corsets have a long history in mainstream and alternative fashion, spanning many genres including gothicburlesque and fetish