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Accomplished and energetic make-up artist Sarah Mudle has a solid history of special effects professionalism. With a passion for creepiness, horror, monsters and gore, Sarah Mudle has been going strong for 6 years. Her areas of expertise include sculpting, prosthetic application and mould making, hair punching, and all other SFX basics. She is a successful social media influencer with collectively over one million followers and has built a lucrative modelling and acting career from her home on the Gold Coast, QLD. These highly sought after masks are handmade and painted by Sarah Mudle herself! Perfect for Halloween, costume parties, events, conventions, as well as for acting and visual productions. They are made of the highest quality. Among some of her amazing makeup ideas are zipped up mouths, missing eye sockets, mouths that extend from the nose down to the chest creating a wide and extremely unnatural looking monster mouth. She has since extended her work from horror-themed make-up inspiration to genuinely scary and terrifying face masks for you!  

Beserk has a range of face masks for you for this Halloween! Grab one of our Mr Smiley masks, designed by Sarah, which has two styles, one with blood splatter and one without. Check out the unusual and unique Unicorn Skulls in gold, rose gold and white with blood splatter... We also stock her Creep Clown masks, with blood splatter and opened mouth stitching. Soooo creepy! Get your Halloween on this year with Sarah Mudles amazing handmade masks.

Here at Beserk, we love everything! From adorable and cute little kitties to creepy clowns and dead unicorns. Nothing is off-limits with us! Serving you for years with amazing, high-quality products, we've stepped it up a notch with these amazing high quality, realistic masks. All Sarah's masks are handmade, personally designed and made to order.

Don't miss out on these masks today, with Halloween just around the corner, you're going to want to get in fast and grab your favourite prop for your next outfit. With Beserk by your side, you'll find everything you need for any dark, gory, scary or creepy look you're trying to achieve. With our awesome collections, there's nothing you won't be able to find.