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Love horror? Love toys? Then you have to check out our horror toys collection! 

Most Horror-themed dolls originate from a movie and/or a Tv show, that's genre is horror. A horror film is one that seeks to elicit fear or disgust in its audience for entertainment purposes. Horror films additionally aim to evoke viewers' nightmares, revulsions and terror of the unknown or the macabre. If you believe horror is your type of stuff, you need to check out our awesome horror toys range! You know here at beserk we love things all spooky, and what's the best antidote to have after watching a movie that has left you unable to get to bed? A cute and cuddly horror doll to snuggle up to!

There is no age limit to own or collect toys, do whatever you want! If you are more on the collectables side, who knows, you might have a toy or two that will be worth hundreds to thousands in the future! Hell, Certain Chucky dolls can only be bought if you have a spare 600$ in your pocket! Here at beserks, creepy classics are our favs!

If you love horror, why not check out our horror product range!