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A belief in the power of imagination led to the birth of “Shrinivas Sugandhalaya”. In India, scents and rituals co-mingle every day. The gentle aroma of a jasmine garland can provide a sense of grounding here and now. A whiff of Sandalwood Incense from Father’s study is a sign that he is pouring over books or in deep meditation. In a land where the power of scent is indisputable, Late Shri K.N. Satyam Setty, the founder of “Shrinivas Sugandhalaya” decided to imagine a world of scents for his Love & Passion.

We stock a huge range of Satya Incense including their world-famous Nag Champa incense, which emits soft fragrances that always remain moist and so burn very slowly, leaving a long-lasting scent.  We also stock scents such as Sandalwood, Jasmine, Vanilla, Patchouli, Reiki, Cannabis, Musk, Dragons Blood, Opium, Lavender, Rose, Champa, Cinnamon, Tulsi, Myrrh and even more! We also stock their Room Spray (Air fresheners) in Dragons Blood, Sandalwood, Patchouli and Super Hit! The last of our stock is the incense cones in Dragons Blood, Blue Sage, Aura Cleansing, Sandalwood, Dragons Fire and Nag Champa!

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