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Incense makes a room smell amazing, Soul Stick Incense Backflow cones are specially designed cones made with traditional herbs and resins that create a thick smoke that cascades down from the cone rather than rising like a traditional incense cone! Soul Sticks doe not use any chemicals to make a thicker smoke and all backflow cones are dipped in a concentrated fragrance oil for 48 hours to ensure a Zen fragrance whilst burning your incense. Incense has been around for centuries, and of course they have a place in many spiritual and religious rituals in cultures around the world today. 

Incense can give your home a calming beautiful feeling, offering peacefulness in a chaotic world.  We have a number of scents to suit different moods, Love Spell, Nag Champa, Patchouli, Dragons Blood, Palo Santo, Sandal wood and who does not love the scent of soothing Lavender. 

Incense are normally made from plant materials, Incense are burned to release fragrant aromas. 

The research of the health benefits of incense is limited, however there are so many reasons to incorporate a smell good tool into your routine. 

Clear out the negative energy, anytime you start a project you can perform a ritual, burning incense before hand can set the tone. Burning a Soul Stick can be a ritual of clearing out negative energy or purification.

A burning incense can help concentration and focus or connect you with memories. If you feel you chakra is a little off perhaps a love smell to help connect you to love energies may do the trick. 

Studies have shown the particular scents like lavender or sandalwood can help bring a state of meditation and peace. 

Which ever Soul Stick you choose for your ritual, it is sure to help you with your mindfulness.