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Peleg Design present us with new and innovative designs for all sorts of home ware products! With their fresh ideas producing everyday household items with a mix of functionality and humour. Founded by Shahar Peleg in 2004 after he graduated from the Holon Institute of Technology with a B.A. in Design and Interior Architecture. Peleg Design products are designed to be used anywhere, from your own home, to your office and more!

With the amazing creative minds behind Peleg, comes unique and fresh ideas giving you home ware items that provide you with bewonderment and awe upon discovering the optical illusions that stretches the limits of your mind created by Peleg Design, revealing a fresh and open view to everyday products. From cheese graters, to razor holders, the Peleg Design group has made it their mission to bring you the functionality of professional quality items with the humour everyone needs.

Peleg Design creates enchanting and humourous products for you to enjoy and here at Beserk want to bring more of that individuality and open minded thinking to you! We've got a few of Peleg Designs best selling items with out CatPeeler and Arthur Egg Cup. Bringing you unconventional and amusing designs with their Gratiator Cheese Grater and Mr Razor Razor holder, you'll want to fill your house with these 'cheesy' products. Catch them now before they grow legs and run away... With Peleg Designs out of the box thinking, who knows what these products are going to do next

Peleg Design is sold worldwide by gift shops, museums and online stores alike. With their awards for Prestigious Design they seek to break the conventions of society with a little bit of humour. Beserk offers you a taste of their amazing, mind blowing and surprisingly simple home ware products, so come along for the ride while we explore the interesting world that is, Peleg Design.