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SUCK UK - makers of cute & quirky novelty gifts & homewares!

Founded in 1999 with a mission to continuously release some of the best new products to come out of the United Kingdom, Suck UK has cemented itself at the forefront of novelty gifts and other oddities and curios that are kind of difficult to categorise under any one genre or style.  But one thing is for sure, if you are seeking something bizarre, something quirky and ridiculous, something straight-up hilarious, something useless that exists for no other reason but to exist and make you laugh, then Suck UK can step up to the plate and offer their goods for your unusual, unorthodox pleasure.

Based in trendy East London, Suck UK’s aim is to offer fun, original and useful products that will create the ‘wow’ effect in your home. Not just your home - their often-random wares can be strategically deployed in the office or workplace too. Or the car. Or in your pocket. Mixing their sense of humour with their offbeat, oddball, weird and peculiarly quirky style, Suck UK is the ultimate brand for cool gifts and unique home accessories.  From pets accessories to kitchen gadgets and more cool products, there’s something to please everyone.

Got a green thumb? There's something for your garden, too. They offer pirate-themed corkscrews, hidden-flask-in-a-book, bottle lights, cat bike bells, skeleton hand jewellery holders, skull and crossbones soy dish with chopsticks, fact-based trivia measuring tape (because, why? And here at Beserk we say, why not!), pet treats, cork globes, colour changing umbrellas, drumstick pencils, T-Rex bottle openers, laundry hampers in the shape and style of a punching bag, flashing cake toppers, skull scissors (they are rather adept at skull dissemination) cross-stitch maps of the world...the world is your weird little salty oyster with Suck UK!