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Shop Pinafore Dresses in Australia

If you're not too sure what a pinafore is let us explain! A pinafore is a sleeveless garment that flows down into a skirt, sort of like a decorative fashion apron! A similar term is pinafore dress, essentially a sleeveless dress intended to be worn over a top or blouse, giving a cute layered look! 

You may be asking what's the difference between a jumper dress and a pinafore? Well the main difference is that the pinafore is open in the back, typically having straps! The name Pinafore came from the fact that Pinafore's originally had to be pinned to the front of a dress, creating the word we know and love, Pinafore!

Denim Pinafore Dresses, Black Pinafore Dresses & More!

At Beserk we have a wide range of Pinafores varying in colours and patterns and also brands like Hell Bunny, Banned and even Foxblood! We love Pinafores and all the options of how to style them with accessories and tops! So check out our Pinafores range today and get styling!