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Islay Pinafore [Black/White] | DRESS Islay [Black/Red] | PINAFORE DRESS Harley Tartan | DRESS Surrender [Red] | DRESS Enchantress | VELVET DRESS^ Irvine | 50's DRESS Teen Spirit | MID DRESS Floaty Pinstripe | DRESS Storm | PINAFORE DRESS Prom | CORSET DRESS Merciless [Red] | DRESS [PLUS SIZE] Inverted Pentagram | CHOKER DRESS Maude [Red Check] | PINAFORE DRESS Dreamer [Pink] | PLAID DRESS Creepy Spider [Grey] | ZIP DRESS Punk Choker | DRESS Man Eater [Leopard] | MIDI DRESS* Man Eater [Black] | MIDI DRESS* Bleak Heart [Plaid] | SHIRT DRESS Distortion [Blood Tartan] | PLEATED DRESS Cataclysm | DRESS Lolita Warrior | DRESS Fearless | TUNIC Clash | PINAFORE DRESS Heartbreaker | CORSET SKIRT Buckled Up | DRESS* Athame | MESH DRESS* O-Ring | MINI DRESS Phoenix | MAXI DRESS Dark Demise | LONGLINE TUNIC Rebel Locomotive | DRESS^ Distortion [Black] | PLEATED DRESS Ventress | MESH DRESS [PLUS SIZE] Menace [Blood Tartan] | COLLAR DRESS Hauntress | SHIRT-DRESS Chaotica [Blood Tartan] | SHIRT-DRESS Feral AF [Leopard] | FISHNET DRESS* Suture Asymmetrical | DRESS Throw On Tie Dye | DRESS* Artillery | DRESS Revenge | TARTAN DRESS Madam Shyarly | LAYERED DRESS Dark Cathedral | DRESS Valerian Moon | DRESS Clash | MINI DRESS Chain Strap | DRESS* Eupheme | DRESS Worthy | HOODED DRESS Menace [Ash Tartan] | COLLAR DRESS Wired | COVER DRESS Distortion [Ash Tartan] | PLEATED DRESS Bleak Heart [Black] | SHIRT DRESS Rebellion [Blood Tartan] | DRESS Smocked Satin Ribbon | FLARE DRESS Grave Rebellion [Ash Tartan] | DRESS Nymeria | DRESS Curses | DRESS Grave Rebellion [Black] | DRESS Menace [Black] | COLLAR DRESS All Attitude [Blood Tartan] | CUT-OUT DRESS

What is Punk fashion?

Punk fashion is the clothing, hairstyles, cosmetics, jewelry, and body modifications of the punk subculture that started in the mid 1970's in London as an aggressive anti-fashion movement of young people. This was closely aligned with a music movement that took the name Punk! Nowadays punk fashion is still quite similar in terms to the fact that the fashion still rebels against the standard fashion 'norms' in society. 

Beserk stocks a wide variety of punk dresses that would make anyone who loves punk fashion and dresses very happy! Mainly sporting plaid, black, red and white, the punk dresses section will fit right in any alternative person's closet as they're all just so gorgeous and grungey! All these dress would be perfect for anyone who loves punk fashion or plaid dresses, especially with suspenders!  Whatever dress type or fit you like there's one you'll love at Beserk because there's so many to chose from, enjoy and good luck finding the dress of your dreams.