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Today it is hard to go past Beserks alternative clothing stores for your must have items. Dark and Lovely gothic dresses how could you not want to wear any other type of clothing. It doesn't matter whether the leaves are falling or the sun is shining emo dresses will forever have our hearts. Gothic clothing Australia is alive and thriving here at Beserk. We have you covered for all of your alt clothing needs. At Beserk we believe you can wear whatever the hell you want. Emo styles have always been a punkier version of goth that became really popular in the mid 2000s. You will most probably have a colour palette in your mind of what you like, and for most of us it's easy, all black and nothing but black. We rebel against the norms of mainstream culture and fashion, finding our authentic selves is pretty easy when you scroll the Beserk website. If Emo dresses are not your vibe why not take a look at our gothic dresses, we have carefully curated collection of lolita dresses and victorian dresses