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We admit, it is hard to go past Beserks alternative clothing online stores for all your edgy clothing range, without totally wanting to buy the whole website! We admit, everyone here at Beserk HQ find it hard to not. There is just a lil bit of everything for everyone! Plus, any fashion subculture we most likely provide. But you know what we love more than most? EMO DRESSES

It doesn't matter whether the leaves are falling or the sun is shining, emo dresses will forever have our hearts. The emo subculture is alive and thriving Well today, it's an absolute statement that hit the early 2000s onwards, and guess what? We have you covered for all of your alt clothing needs! At Beserk we believe you can wear whatever the hell you want. We love all colours, but the colour black is of course special in our hearts. We rebel against the norms of mainstream culture and fashion, finding our authentic selves is pretty easy when you scroll through the Beserk website.

Originally, the emo subculture began in the 1980s. But it was most prevalent in the early 2000s. The emo subculture is emotional hardcore, or emocore, a style of punk rock. People stereotype emos with being angry at society, other people or themselves. Emo music is known for being loud, very expressional, and most of all emotional. No one can explain to you what emotional music is unless you listen to one. It would be seen as poetry, but it’s way too straightforward. Emos may feel like they don’t fit in with society or the social construct. 

 If Emo dresses are not your vibe why not take a look at our gothic dresses or our whole gosh dam clothing range for that matter! We store so many wonderful things and we guarantee you'll be stuck scrolling for hours!