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Purple AF | HAIR COLOUR [236ml]


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Virgin Pink | HAIR COLOUR [236ml]


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Juniper Green | HAIR DYE


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Hello Beserkers! We know how much you all love hair dye and experimenting with new colours, that's why we are incredibly excited to announce we now officially are stocking Pulp Riot, the fastest growing professional colour brand worldwide!! Let's dive right in and see what Pulp Riot has to offer! 

Who and what is Pulp Riot? - 

‘You are the artist, hair is the canvas, Pulp Riot is the paint!’

For years, people have been creating products for stylists, who have never spent a day working behind the chair.  David & Alexis Thurston, the founders, create and test Pulp Riot products inside of Butterfly Loft, their hair salon in Los Angeles, California.

Alexis says, “The magic happens when there are zero degrees of separation between those creating the products and the artists who use the products every day in their salons.”

Born during the digital revolution, Pulp Riot has emerged as the professional beauty brand with the highest level of engagement on social media, which enables them to carry out their mission of giving artists a global platform to gain more exposure and to be more successful, to deliver superior and accessible streaming education, and to link the industry worldwide through their digital network! 

David says “While other brands are trying to figure out how to utilize the digital world, it’s simply part of our DNA. This allows us to reach right through phones across the world and educate, entertain, and inspire artists across the globe.”

When they launched Pulp Riot in 2016, it was just the two of them creating products inside of their salon. Now, an army of artists across the world march alongside them, and together they’ve been responsible for disrupting a stagnant industry, putting the power back into the hands of the artist. The result? Pulp Riot is the fastest growing professional color brand worldwide!

What does Pulp Riot have to offer? - 

Well, as you already know Pulp Riot is hairstylist founded and made as well as salon quality hair dye, but did you know that all of their dyesare also Gluten and Cruelty free as well as Vegan? No need to hurt the Earth's amazing creatures to have bright and stunning hair, just use Pulp Riot! Although PRmainly consists of dye, UV reactive and regular, they also have hair must-haves like, colour remover, dye lightener and darkener as well as toners! All salon quality, All Pulp Riot! 

Pulp Riot Range available at Beserk - 

Have a look for yourself and see the range of dyes and toners we have available including 5 toners, 4 UV reactive dyes, 16 regular dyes and a colour remover all ranging from $14.95 to $32.95! 

cupid dyeash toner


Need a refresh of that faded dye or maybe you just want to change things up? Well head on over the to Pulp Riot collectionand try something new and fun! 

- Beserk xx


ON 1 Nov 12:22

Hi, when are you getting more of the pulp riot colours, you currently seem to have about 4.
Can you get First Base in the wild ride collection in. I’m also looking to get cupid and candy.
Thanks,kind regards

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