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Get Your Hands on the Ultra Rare White Koumori-Chan Bat Plush!

Hello, Beserkers! We've got some thrilling news that will have you screeching with excitement. Introducing the ultra-rare white Koumori-Chan Bat Plush! This limited-edition cutie is so exclusive that it’s not available for purchase. But don’t worry, we’ve got three exciting ways you can get your hands on one. Read on to find out how you can be one of the lucky few to own this enchanting and exclusive plush!

The Ultra Rare White Koumori-Chan Bat Plush! - 

Meet the white Koumori-Chan Bat Plush, a rare gem in our plush collection. This adorable bat plush is the perfect blend of cute and spooky, making it a must-have for any collector or Beserk fan. Its pristine white color, soft texture, and charming design make it stand out in any plush collection. But because it's so special, we’re making it ultra-exclusive! 

Get to know Koumori-Chan here! - 

🦇 Hi! My name is Koumori-Chan :3 I like Summoning Spirits, Vanilla Milkshakes and Mythical Creatures! 🤍

Why You’ll Love the White Koumori-Chan Bat Plush -

  • Unique Design: This plush features the beloved Koumori-Chan bat in a rare white color, adding a unique twist to a fan favorite.
  • Soft and Cuddly: Made from high-quality materials, this plush is super soft and perfect for cuddling.
  • Collectible Item: Being ultra-rare and not available for purchase, owning one of these plushies makes you part of an exclusive group of Beserkers!

How to Get Your Hands on One! - 

Since this plush is not for sale, we’ve come up with three fun and engaging ways for you to win one! Each month, you have three chances to obtain the white Koumori-Chan Bat Plush through the following achievements:

1. Highest Spender in a Single Order -

Are you a big spender at Beserk? Then this one’s for you! Each month, the highest spender in a single order will be rewarded with the ultra-rare white Koumori-Chan Bat Plush. Whether you’re updating your wardrobe with our alternative fashion, stocking up on quirky home decor, or indulging in our beauty products, every purchase could bring you one step closer to winning!

Tips to Win:

  • Plan your shopping and make a single large purchase instead of multiple smaller ones.
  • Keep an eye on our new arrivals and exclusive collections to find items you love!

2. Most Reviews Left (Must Include Written Review) -

We love hearing your feedback, and now it can earn you a white Koumori-Chan Bat Plush! The customer who leaves the most reviews on our website each month will be awarded this rare plush. To qualify, your reviews must include a written component – share your thoughts, experiences, and why you love the products you’ve purchased.

Tips to Win:

  • Review every item you’ve purchased from Beserk.
  • Be detailed and honest in your reviews to help other customers make informed decisions.
  • Remember, quality and quantity count, so make sure your reviews are helpful and insightful.

3. Instagram Post – Tag #lovebeserk to Be Randomly Chosen -

Love sharing your Beserk goodies on Instagram? This is your chance to win! Simply post a photo of your Beserk haul, outfit, or favorite items, and tag #lovebeserk. Each month, we’ll randomly choose one lucky winner from the posts tagged with our hashtag. It’s a fun and creative way to showcase your style and be part of our community.

Tips to Win:

  • Get creative with your photos – show off your unique style and how you incorporate Beserk items into your life.
  • Use good lighting and clear images to make your posts stand out.
  • Don’t forget to tag #lovebeserk and follow us on Instagram to stay updated.

Winners Announced Monthly! - 

We’re so excited to see who the lucky winners will be each month! Winners will be drawn and announced on the 1st of every month. Make sure to check our social media channels and website to see if you’re one of the fortunate few to own the ultra-rare white Koumori-Chan Bat Plush.

Why Participate? -

Not only do you have the chance to win an exclusive and adorable plush, but these activities also allow you to engage more with the Beserk community. Whether it’s through shopping, sharing your thoughts, or showcasing your style, each way to win helps you connect with fellow Beserkers and celebrate our love for all things alternative and unique! 

Final Thoughts! - 

We’re beyond thrilled to offer this ultra-rare white Koumori-Chan Bat Plush to our amazing community. It’s our way of saying thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm. Remember, you have three chances every month to win, so don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity!

  • Three Ways to Win Monthly:

    1. Highest Spender in a Single Order
    2. Most Reviews Left (Must Include Written Review)
    3. Instagram Post – Tag #lovebeserk to Be Randomly Chosen
  • Winners Announced: Every 1st of the month

Good luck, Beserkers! We can’t wait to see who the next winners will be and how you’ll showcase your love for Beserk. Whether you’re shopping, reviewing, or posting on Instagram, every action brings you closer to owning the ultra-rare white Koumori-Chan Bat Plush. Happy shopping, reviewing, and posting!

Stay spooky, stay fabulous, and as always, stay Beserk!


ON 8 Jul 08:23

Thank you so much for being so amazing to all of your loyal Shoppers!!
Major Props for coming up with another Unique Item!!

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